Golden Sunset

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

I started at my apartment door, the same one Tsukiko had used to leave, yet again, that very night. One week ago, with the four days that had already passed. The one where I had found the roses, the second one of just staying in my room, the third of our mission and the fourth of her return, she only had three days left before I thought the worst, even after she had told me to not worry till after the third week, but I would still worry. 

People started asking questions this time, Tsukiko not appearing in the guild every day had spooked a few people. I just used the(possible)excuse that she used last time, that she could have just been looking for an old friend, and that maybe she was just taking her time with it, or that maybe she had found her friend and was spending as much time as possible with them before she had to leave again. I didn't know how close I was then, and that still took me a while to figure out.

With the days slowly ticking by and my growing fears becoming more of a reality, I worried about my best friend. Anything could have happened by now, even though I knew she was fine. I could still feel her in my head, watching me from wherever she was. It would go sometimes like she was too busy to watch me, but I just put that down to her sleeping, she had to at some point. It was sporadic though, definitely worrying enough. So that didn't put my racing mind in any form of ease. Something that I could always guarantee was that she would come back, time after time, no matter the period of time.

When it came to the last day of the two week period, I waited in town all day. I said to my guildmates that I wanted to do some shopping, which wasn't necessarily a lie, but I was also looking out for the kitsune of my guild. I found it very difficult to spot her, considering the fact that she had fox ears and nine gold tails flowing from behind. I waited all day when I finished my shopping, I went and sat in the park, watching the river flow before me with a book to hand. 

It was calming to sit there, even with the possibility that Tsukiko would not be coming back that day. There were splotches of colour all around me, the green masses of grass separating the small patches of flowers and distancing their radiance. Trees decorated every large space, casting their shimming shadows for people to rest and eat under. The cool breeze and even cooler shade were in contrast to the shimmering golden sun, that shone its amazing beams of light and heat down onto the Earth below; warming the people's hearts with laughter filled summer days.

The crystally river sprouted with life,  delicate dark green lily-pads quietly sat atop the water, letting the even more delicate lilies balance on top, like a tight-rope walker, putting on a marvellous show, with the heart-gripping fall below. The calm waters ran like a gentle summer breeze, slow and steady. Strange fish swam up and down, ranging in colour and shape. The stones at the bottle of the river, were clear on the surface, shading in the darker parts of the gaps surrounding the rocks, and illuminating the different greys, making a scale of a monochromatic paradise. 

No noise was heard but the faint laughter of playing children, a game of tag it sounded like. I smiled at the feeling of the soft breeze, and at how happy the children sounded, giggling to themselves as they chase each other around. I looked at my book before sighing softly and putting it in my bag, I had just decided to watch the scenery around me. My breathing was gentle and calm, and yet, my mind was racing, worrying about how Tsukiko was. She always seemed to be in my mind, and with the way she explained her powers to me(even though it was brief), I now felt and understood why I was so worried about her all the time. Her level and type of power practically made me her family, I was like her little sister. She had to look after me, that's how it worked, if two people had a similar type of magic, then they instantly felt some sort of connection. That connection grew with how much stronger the better wizard was, and that made me realise why I respected Tsukiko so much. She was a kitsune with nine-tails, a heavenly fox, a Tenko. Someone who was supposed to be in the heavens, she had graced us with her presence, allowed us to see her in her human form, and not once failed to protect anyone as far as I knew. She used her powers to her advantage, and for the safety of her friends. When she came back from the fight with that beast, I realised how much power she would have had to us, and even when she was near death, she pleaded with us to escape and go back to our guild. She stood face to face with that monster, all by herself, giving up everything she had so that we would be able to escape safely. 

I realised then why everyone cherished her so much, although she was selfless and yet at the same time selfish. She was innocent yet powerful, she was fearless yet childlike, and most of all, she was devoted to what she fought for, she saved so many people by doing what she did then. She used her beautiful magic, her magic that was made to power the imagination, not slay dangerous beasts. I smiled slightly to myself, my hands clasped in my lap as I watched and waited for said magical being to come back home, watching the golden sunset dip lower and lower into the endless blue of the ocean. 

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