Chapter 29

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I nearly drop the bloody knife in my hand.

"Luna, let me explain." To my surprise, she didn't cut me off.

She motions at me warily. "Go ahead."

Sweat rolls down my forehead as I attempt to form a sentence that would upset her the least.

Luna puts her hand on her hips. "Did you not hear me? Go ahead!"

"Can we talk about this... y'know, in our room?" I offer timidly.

She seems to contemplate if she should trust me, then sighs.
"Alright, but you better give me that knife at the door."

"I will," I reply gratefully.

As we advance to our room, the hallway spins in front of me. How am I supposed to present the truth attractively?

She wouldn't tell Mr. Roselyn, would she?

Luna turns at the door and sticks out her hand.

I give her the knife. Her long fingers clasp around it, getting blood on her hand.

She opens the door, and I enter the room behind her.

Man, it's felt like forever since I've been in this room.

She turns left, into the bathroom. "Start talking."

I see blood on the counter. Blood that is not from the knife, but from Luna. A Red Cross bag lays on the bathroom floor.

Everyone's been injured except me, and it has everything to do with me.

I take a deep breath, trying to ignore the lump in my throat. "S-So, I went down to Level Two like you told me to do, and—"

I stop mid-sentence as Luna begins to wash the knife.

She's cleaning the knife.

She checks to make sure not a trace of blood is left on it, before pumping soap onto her hands.

Even though she hasn't even heard the full story yet, she's still getting rid of evidence like she's my accomplice.

That means she trusts me, somewhat. If she is giving me a chance, I should trust her as well and simply tell the story as it is.

I snap out of my thoughts to find that she's staring at me. "Keep going..."

I clear my throat, blushing, and spill everything, sparing the details when it got to the janitor's tongue.


"So the blood on the knife... was hers?"

"Yeah." I remember the cut on my neck is hidden by my long hair.

Luna shook her head. "You should've just gotten out of there as soon as you realized something was off."

"Moonshine, if I followed that advice, I would've jumped out the window the moment I saw you."

Her face turns red, and she hits me with the dry towel by the sink. "You asshole!"

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