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"I SWEAR TO GOD I'll break your nose if you don't hand me that right now."

The threats ringing through the air made no impression anymore, especially not after the string of colorful curses which had left the mouths of all of the boys when they had tried to set up the tent.

Will had just begun haphazardly with whatever he was doing, a bunch of nails in one hand, a hammer in the other. Ella was pretty sure he didn't need either right now, but she didn't comment on it. Whatever kept him busy.

On the other side of the clearing Alex had positioned himself, the instruction manuel in his hands. Levi had thrown one glance at the many pages and then decided it would be too much work to read it, focusing his attention on the scattered parts. She had watched with amusement as he had lifted a pole over his shoulder, ready to start doing whatever, when Will had grabbed two parts from beside him and quickly had ran away.

"Give it to me, you fucker," Levi snarled, his hand extended towards Will.

Will flashed his teeth in a big grin.

"Teamwork makes the dream work," he said," let's do this, Levi."

Ella had to give it to him. He didn't seem deterred at all by Levi's glares nor did he seem to particularly care, a feat that was quite hard to accomplish when the person glaring at you was 6'4 and seeming to be made of defined muscles and unlimited anger. From what she had seen until now they seemed like they had known each other forever, so she supposed he was used to it.

"This isn't a team," Levi said," this is a dictatorship."

"I think it's going to storm soon," Alex said, interrupting Levi from hitting Will.

"Have you turned into a weather forecast or something, Alex?" Levi frowned.

In reply Alex pointed up, dark clouds forming across the grey sky. As if to prove his point, a low rumbling then resonated from the sky.

"My mother sent me to scouting for a week," he said.

"Just a week?" Ella asked.

"Well, let's just say I did other things than tying knots," Alex smirked," or rather, people."

"I regret asking."

Levi and Will started arguing again and Alex continued to stare boredly at the first page of the manual, which, last Ella had seen, was completely in Japanese. She had been sorting out the supplies from the backpacks, but everytime she put something down it was either snatched to throw at someone's head or taken and placed somewhere else.

"I can do this myself," Levi scowled," so you either give me that pole or I'll shove it right up your -"

"Listen," Ella finally snapped," you are all going to sit down right now and follow my instructions or I'll knock you out with that damn pole myself."

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