The Void ( 22 )

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Raikou roared into the sky as lightning danced through the sky. Athena still clawed at Orions back as the black dragon tried to shake her off. It was like mess up rodeo.

Sardis grabbed my arm pulled me away from the pair of dragons. However, when he turned around Raikou stood in his way. The gold dragon let out a low enraged growl as he stalked closer to Sardis.

Sardis's sword appeared in his right hand as the other gird tightens on my hand. He raised his sword at Raikou. Keeping much distance from the furious dragon.

As Sardis walked back I spotted my sword. Although it was out of reach and I couldn't break Sardis's grip on my arm.

Then I had an idea.

As Sardis walked backward keeps distance between him and Raikou. Then a flopped down and I sat on the ground.

Sardis looked down at me. His face looking completely done as he tried to pull me up but to no avail.

"Seriously?", He asked.


He let his sword dissolve back into shadows and with both hands, he grabbed me by the waist and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

Ok, plan A failed.

Plan B, wait I don't have a plan B. Crap

"Do I weigh anything to you?" I asked.

"No, it's like holding a couple of grapes."

Before I could do anything Raikou snapped at Sardis. Sardis rolled and I squeaked as one of his hands landed on my butt to keep me steady. Raikou snapped at Sardis again but Sardis snapped his fingers and the shadows of the night seem to grab both Sardis and I as pulled us into the ground.

All I could see black. I lost all sense of direction as the overcoming cold chill me down to my bone. I could still feel Sardis in the coldness of the darkness. His presence gave some reassurance as the cold held onto my body like I was its prey.

Suddenly, the black void of shadow was shattered by the soft silver light of the night's moon. We were surrounded by trees the stars picking through the treetops. I felt like I left my stomach in the void as my head started to pound. I groaned as the world started to spin and being carried upside down wasn't helping.

"What the-", I began before Sardis answered by my unasked question.

"Shadow Travel."

"Everything hurt."

"The first times the always worst, Love."

"I hate you."

"Then why did you kiss back?"

I blushed at the memory. He laughed when I said nothing.

"That's what I thought."

It was silent between us as he walked through the woods to a distance only he knew. I would have fought back the shadow traveling had left me drained and everything was still spinning as Sardis carried me away.

I tried to reach out to Athena threw our link but I was meet with silence. I had a feeling that Sardis had something to do with it but I didn't have the energy to ask.

Time seems to blend together as Sardis walked It could have been walking for hours or a few minutes I couldn't tell. Then I hear a sound of a familiar roar.


The ground shook as she landed taking out a few trees as she did.

I heard Sardis cruse as his sword appeared in his hand. His other hand still held onto me. He raised the sword but stop when another dragon land harshly on the ground.

Raikou with a bloody Ty on his back.

Ty dismounted quietly but never broke eye contact with Sardis. Ty's face was covered in dried red and black blood.

"Sup", I said hoarsely as I waved weakly at him.

Ty's gazes flicked to me and for a moment he smiled, but he said nothing as he drew his sword.

"Brother", Sardis spoke with no emotion.

"Put her down and let's finish this," Ty said.

"As it was always meant to be."

Sardis sat me down gently next to a tree and Athena was at my side in second growling at Sardis. He held up his hands and backway. I wanted to get up but I was either too tired or I didn't want to or both.

Probably both.

Ty raised his sword and Sardis summoned his dual swords. Lightning flashed across the sky as the night seem to grow darker.

They stared down another and I had the urge to get some popcorn.

"Athena, Can you hear me?"

"Yes, now that bastard has unblocked our link", She cursed.

I was about to reply when Sardis made the first move. The shadows grabbed him and he disappeared then not seconds later he reappeared behind Ty slicing him in the back. Ty hissed in pain as in rolled away facing Sardis. Sardis smirk at him before he charged Ty. Ty deflected it and Sardis rolled with it to keep his balance. Ty closer the distance between them as the lightning in the sky flash brightly.

Ty raised his sword on bought in down on Sardis. Who blocked it in "X" shape movement. Ty kicked Sardis in the leg and broke Sardis's block causing him to stagger backward. Ty gave him no time to recover as he charges at Sardis. 

Before Ty reached him Sardis raised his hand and the shadows at Ty's feet rose up and grabbed his ankles causing him to fell to the ground where more shadows grabbed at him. Ty struggled against the shadow cutting some off of him but for each one he stopped eight more shallowed him.

Then he stopped fighting a shoot a devilish smirk at Sardis as the shadows cover his face. For a moment he was still then spots of light escaped the blanket of shadows that covered Ty. The light grew bright and then exploded in a ball of wild lightning.

When the lighting faded Ty stood unfazed and electricity sparking off his body.

"I really want some popcorn", I said to Athena.

"It does fit the mood, doesn't it." She laughed.

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