Chapter 5 - Memory

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Erin POV

"Daddy!" I scream, running away from my nanny.

"Hey there, Bitsy!" A man yells with excitement as he picks me up. I bury my head into his chest and take a deep breath, his signature cologne scent bringing me comfort. I pull away and see my nanny leaving for the day. I quickly wave goodbye before returning my attention to the man.

"I miss you today!" I say.

"And I missed you too. But you know I have to work, Bitsy." he corrects me.

"I know." I whimper. The man must have noticed my sadness because the next thing he does is grab onto my sides and begin to tickle me. I laugh uncontrollably at the feeling and I hear him laugh along with me. He finally stops tickling me but the laughter continues, his perfectly trimmed goatee following his smile.

"I love you, Erin," he tells me.

"I love you t-" I start but I am interrupted by a loud explosion. I'm thrown out of the man's arms and onto the floor, my vision impaired from the dust. I couch violently as I struggle to look for the man. Suddenly, a different man picks me up from the floor and begins to rush me out the hole they made, our front door completely gone. I catch a glance of the man who had shown so much love to me, his unconscious body sprawled across the floor with blood dripping down his face.

"Daddy!" I scream but the mysterious man silences me by putting his gloved hand over my mouth. The second his hand goes over my mouth, everything turns dark.


I awaken from the dream to be surrounded by even more darkness than before. But somehow... I can still breathe. I try to move my arms and legs and a numbness overtakes them instantly. I focus on my surroundings and try to fade right through my cage but when I open my eyes, I'm still surrounded by darkness. My next move was to tear apart my dark prison but even that doesn't work. I manage to groan in frustration despite the numbness that has set in. As soon as the noise leaves my body, a flap opens up right in front of my face.

The man from my dream stands in front of me. He leans against a nearby table, nonchalantly twiddling with a syringe in his hand. He turns to me, his eyes full of awe.

"Wow, twelve years really does fly by," he whispers. What does he mean? The man begins to walk closer to me, the syringe still in his hand. As he becomes closer, I see the syringe is full of a light blue liquid. I feel the panic rising as the adrenaline increases in my veins. I try my best to not show my feelings but my eyes give me away. The man must have noticed my panic because he says to me:

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to inject this into your neck so that you can talk." 

Soon, the man and I are face to face. He quickly injects the serum into my neck and returns to his previous spot. Soon I regain movement in my face and a sense of relief washes over me. Every inch of my body tells me to kill him but a powerful question overtakes the feeling.

"Who are you?" I ask. The man looks at me, his eyes full of sadness. He mumbles something under his breath before answering.

"I'm Tony Stark.".

"Why did I see you in my dream?" I question.

"Nice try. My turn to ask the question." Tony says cockily. "Where is Ultron?"

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