i. intoxicated

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I crossed my legs, one above the other tightly as I felt the pressure between them increase. This was too much for me. I couldn't help but cream my panties as I gazed at the screen in my hands, tantalized by the way the woman on my phone moved her body slowly, rolled her hips sensually as she rode the hell out of her supposed boss...

"Rebecca, can I talk to you for a minute?" My boss's voice boomed in my little office, his handsome head poking in my private space as he suddenly entered and my phone fell from my hands, landing on the floor.

I quickly bent down to retrieve it, thanking god that it had landed on the screen as I smoothly locked it first before picking it up, glad that Ralph couldn't seek a glance at my porn choice. I couldn't help but let myself imagine how that conversation would end- probably with me getting fired.

"Yes, Mr. Davis?" I let out, taking a deep breath and standing on my feet to greet him properly.

"Did you get all the information about the Griffin Case?"

"Yes. Here it is..." I picked up the two files from my desk that I had stayed overtime researching for yesterday and handed them over to him,"I would have given them to Anita but she was not available for the past few hours." Anita was Ralph's secretary and she hated my guts so I simply avoided talking to her. The last time we had had a conversation, she had not to accidentally spilt her hot coffee on my foot.

"Thank you." He muttered, his attention now focused on the first page of the file as he absentmindedly walked out. Being a paralegal for a corporate firm was not the most fun thing in the world but it earned me just enough after a short two year course and considering how broke I was, I was eager to find a job that would have been sustainable and stable for life when I was just eighteen and living alone.

I sighed and fell back on my seat, closing the porn website on my phone and my mind immediately started picturing a forbidden scenario in which I was being fucked by Ralph right on my desk and I instantly jumped when my phone started buzzing and I quickly received the call.

"Are you sure you dialled the right number, stranger?" I immediately teased once I looked at the caller ID and let a small smile shape it way onto my lips.

"Hello to you too, Becca." Elizabeth's voice sounded on the other line.

"So, what's up, Liz?" I asked, getting on my feet once I saw the time on my watch, realizing that it was already five thirty and I could finally leave for the day.

"Can we meet? I feel like we haven't really talked much since I came back." She said after a second, sounding a bit distressed.

"Sure, I'll just come over in an hour as long as you order me a pizza because I am so fucking hungry." My stomach growled loudly in anticipation. I patted it affectionately, Soon baby, soon, I whispered.

"You are getting kind of fat." She laughed as I quickly grabbed my bag and put all my things in it, ready to escape the miserable building as soon as possible. I was not ready to stay here working overtime today and besides I had nothing else left to do.

"Shut up or I'll eat you too, bitch."


"Oh shit, this is so good. I think I just had an orgasm." I threw my head back against the wall, moaning dramatically.

As I opened my eyes once I had swallowed the last bite of my last, well, second last slice of the heavenly food that Italians blessed us with, my eyes fell on the screen infront of us and I sneaked a glance at Liz who seemed a bit lost.

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