Chapter Three

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The window rolled down slowly before a smiling face came into view. I instantly recognized the male and my eyes narrowed.

His smile only seemed to widen at my annoyance. "Torin Frey," I've always hated how deep and smooth his voice is. "Need help?"

"No." I bit out quickly, only making him chuckle. The rumbling engine died and he stepped out of the car, walking around it to me. I had to look up to see his face. It seemed he'd gotten taller. He wore his regular white t-shirt and black jeans. His combat boots were different but looked worn.

"Miss me?" Robert Killian asked, removing his aviator glasses so I could see his dark brown eyes.

"Can't say I did, Robert." I grinned evilly when his jaw ticked at the use of his full name. The big male looked me over and I held my shirt tighter against my chest. It did no good when Robby pulled it away and tsked at the bloody cuts.

He held up a large hand with platinum rings on each tattooed finger. I gulped when his claws extended. "Might hurts a little but it'll heal after." He warned absentmindedly before holding my arm to keep me still and digging his claw into the small cuts to dig out the shards of glass. I cried out, stumbling back from the pain.

"Why did you do that?!" I knew he did it to help in the only kind of way Robby would, a way that made you regret looking to him for help. Not that I did. He could of at least used the first-aid kit!

"It's healing." He pointed out, grabbing my arm again and pulling me closer so he could use my shirt to wipe away the blood. "So, how'd you do this?"

"Does it matter?"


I looked up to see if he'd add more but that wasn't Robert Killian. Robert Killian gave enough to make you interested and enough to keep himself a mystery to everyone but himself.

"I tripped." I said, shifting my weight to my left leg. "What happened to your bike?" I asked, remembering he left on his beloved motorcycle.

"That's a long story." He said, his eyes sparkling with amusement and always that hint of mischief.

"So, you're back."

"I'm back." He repeated, stepping aside so I could get a clean shirt from the trunk that was still open. The cuts on my side had already stopped bleeding.

"Well, did you find them?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"Nope." He tried for nonchalant but I could hear the strain in his voice. I bit my lip, wanting to say something more but I was coming up blank. What could I say? Sorry? I wasn't.

"Calvin's going to be happy to see you." I decided to get off that subject. "And everyone else of course." I added.

"I texted him earlier, he knew I was coming." My face scrunched up as I pulled on my shirt, unable to get my head through the hole.

Robby unbuttoned it and helped me get it on. "Oh..." I closed the trunk before looking up and meeting his brown eyes. "You should probably park."

"Right, get in." Robby opened the passenger door and I raised a brow. Sighing, I did as he said and got in. He just smirked and shut the door after I was in the car. The interior was all black leather and even I could tell it was well taken care of.

"So, What is this?" I asked once he slid in behind the wheel. I was a little surprised he didn't look uncomfortable being as tall as he is.

"This here is my baby." He spoke, rubbing the steering wheel lovingly. I rolled my eyes making him laugh. The car rumbled back to life and I couldn't help but feel excited. "She's a nineteen sixty nine Chevy Camaro." Yeah, I had no idea what that was. I just knew it was shiny black and had two white lines down the front hood. Unsurprisingly, it looked like a car fit for Robby.

I'd known the male forever. Robert Killian wasn't only my brother's best friend but my future Alpha. He's also my future brother in law if things go as planned.

Unlike my brother who didn't seem worried about still being mateless, once Robby realized no one in the pack was his Mate, he left not long after his eighteenth birthday. If he was still close to home, he'd come back for holidays but for the last three years he's been gone. Not that I was counting the days or anything, it's just a known fact.

Robby parked away from any other cars so his 'baby' wouldn't get scratched, I couldn't help but to roll my eyes again. He reached into the back for his black leather jacket, completing his bad boy look. He was the complete opposite of Jesper who never wore the color black, and who's clothes were always clean and ironed. Where Jesper's hair was styled to perfection, Robby's looked like he'd ran his fingers through it about a dozen times. The few black strands that fell over his brow were aggravating me but I chose not to say anything.

"You've gotten taller." He commented as we walked back towards the pack house.

I looked down at myself and snorted. I haven't grown an inch since I was like thirteen.

"I'm serious, your head use to barely reach my chest. You're almost at my collarbone now." He chuckled.

I pushed him which just made me stumble while he laughed at my failed attempt. I huffed, wishing I was strong enough to push him over.

Robby put his glasses back on before we reached the house. He seemed to become more serious too and I guess he had to, he's our future Alpha returning home after three years. Five years if you don't count coming home for holidays.

Once he entered the house and others started recognizing him, they crowded him excitedly, all talking over each other.

I slipped away unnoticed and went to the den where I found Calvin in the same place. The room had cleared out except for old Mr. Wallis who had fallen asleep watching the game, his head back and mouth open.

Calvin didn't show any signs of acknowledging me so I just sat on the couch with Mr. Wallis and stared at the tv.

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