Chapter Six

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Mrs. Tilly owned the only bakery in town, having run her competition out of business years ago. It was on the strip in town, in the little red brick building. The large glass window had the bakeries name, Sweet Tooth, with a showcasing of different cakes.

I bit my lip nervously, peaking in through the window at the little round tables filled with the towns regulars. A man walked out the door, a bell ringing. I gave a shy smile when he held the door open for me. My Mate better do things like that.

"Torin Frey," the older female came out from behind the counter and I was a little surprised when she hugged me. She smelled like cinnamon. Her white hair was cut short with curls, her round face wrinkled with age but she wore a big smile and her blue eyes held excitement. "I was so happy when your mother called, your a sweet boy, I didn't want to hire one of those trouble makers." She whispered the last part. "Lyla said you're familiar around the kitchen." She said, talking about my mom. I nodded.

"Good, won't have to waste much time  training." She grabbed my hand and pulled me around the counter where a female a little older than me stood. I smiled politely as Mrs. Tilly pulled me into the kitchen. "Here, put this on." She pressed an apron to my chest and I took it, doing as she said. It was pink with the bakery's name in white letters and a tooth holding a wooden spoon and wearing a chefs hat. "This here is my recipes, and don't go blabbering them on to everyone now." She said sternly, dropping a huge binder overflowing with laminated pages onto the stainless steel counter.

I gulped, making her laugh loudly.

"Don't be scared of it, yeah? Most of them we don't even make unless they ask for it. The ones with the green dots here," She opened the binder showing a page with a green sticker. "These are the ones you need to know, these yellow dots are the ones frequently asked for, these red dots here are made very rarely."

I nodded along, washing my hands when she told me to before looking through the binder.

"I want you to make me something, either something from that book there or something of your own. If it's good, the job is yours." I looked up at her with wide eyes. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, she was hiring me to work in a bakery but I thought maybe I'd stand at the register or something. "Get to it." She said, waving me away.

Exhaling slowly, I looked around the kitchen. It wasn't as big as the one at the pack house and was more industrial than mom's homey kitchen. I really hope I don't burn it down.

What should I make? Every ingredient I'd ever need was here. I could literally make anything I wanted.

I'm going to make my favorite thing ever, then if I don't get the job, at least I'll get a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. I shivered just from the thought of them.

Mrs. Tilly left the kitchen and I realized I was alone. Which was the best thing ever. Less accidents happened when I was alone.

It wasn't hard to find everything I needed and it took less time than I thought to make everything up. It only took about twenty minutes for the cupcakes to cook and I cleaned up some. I couldn't help but to marvel at how pretty they were while putting them on the cooling rack. While they cooled I made my cream cheese frosting, my mouth watering. If I was home, I'd have no problem sucking it off my fingers.

When I finished them, I couldn't believe how pretty they looked. Mom was a cook, she didn't have all the tools for baking but Mrs. Tilly did and I took full advantage of them.

"They sure do look nice." Mrs. Tilly spoke, making me jump. She chuckled softly before coming up to the counter beside me. She was a little taller than me but she slouched with old age. "Now let's see if they taste as good as they look."

I watched intently as she pulled back the paper on one and bit into it. Holding my breath, I watched her chew slowly, her head nodding.

"I guess we should go into the office to discuss your schedule and pay."

A wide smile spread across my face and I bounced on my toes in silent excitement. Maybe I should thank mom for forcing me into this?


The house was quiet when I got home, dad must of left the tv on because it was playing lowly. I held my box of cupcakes securely and smiled down at them while walking into the kitchen.

I looked up to see the worst thing any child could see. My parents...making out.

Mom was the first to see me, pushing dad back so she could get off the counter and button her blouse up. Heterosexual couples in public displays of affection made me uncomfortable, it was ten times worse with them being my parents. I opened my mouth, shut it, opened it again but shut it with a sigh.

"Oh, Sweetie, why didn't you call we could of picked you up." Mom said, tucking her hair behind her ears. I'm pretty sure she just wanted me to call so I didn't walk in on them. I should be thankful it was only kissing. Oh Goddess.


Dad chuckled from where he was still pressed up against mom. I avoided eye contact and sat my box of cupcakes on the counter.

"I got the job." I said softly.

Mom gasped. "That's great news! We have to celebrate!" She said. I looked up at her and dad, surprised to see them smiling at me.

"Really?" I asked hesitantly. I was a little confused and unbelieving. The last time they'd been happy about something I've done was...I can't remember.

"Yes! We can go to that fancy Japanese restaurant in the town over." Dad nodded along agreeing with mom. "We'll go tomorrow evening when everyone's done with work." Mom said. "My baby's growing up." She gushed, coming around the counter to kiss my cheek.

I couldn't help but to smile as I held back happy tears. "I made these." I said, opening the pink box to show her my cupcakes.

Mom and dad both took one, humming and praising them. I was blushing, eating up the attention.

I haven't been this happy in a long time.

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