:i love you: steve harrington

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"You don't understand how much I seriously love you

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"You don't understand how much I seriously love you."


IT WAS WHEN it was three in the morning, Steve climbing up to your window hurriedly, tears staining his face. He was shaken up, body shaking furiously and eyes widen in fear. You grabbed his shaking hands, pulling his freezing body against yours. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tight.

"Steve, baby, what's wrong?" Whispering into his ear, you rub his back, beginning to bring him to your bed. He mumbled against your exposed shoulder, wet tears falling onto your hot skin. "Baby, tell me. I'm here, I'm right here."

"They won't leave me. All I see is them, (y/n), they haunt me." Steve pulls away, shaking his head as more tears slowly fall down his sunken face. "God, I just want to sleep." You nodded, taking his face by your hands, rubbing your thumb against his cheek.

"Let's take a shower, okay? Then we can head to bed."

Steve lets you take him to the bathroom, first turning on the shower, next undressing you both. He gets in, as well as you do, and let's the warm liquid cover his body. You grab the body soap that always drove him crazy and began to message him slowly. Steve hums in return, leaning into your smooth touch. Moments like these, Steve couldn't help but wonder why you would stick around with somebody like him - but he considered himself lucky because he found himself happy with you. When he was around you, he was carefree, he became calm and was laughing for than usual.

You turn the nob off, gripping both of your towels. As soon as you both finish getting dressed, Steve crawls into your bed, patting the spot next to him. You smile softly. He covers you both up, nuzzling his face into your neck - his hot breath fanning against your cold skin.

"Thank you," He mutters, his voice hoarse and raw. You grab his hand, turning towards him.

"It's my job to take care of you, baby. I'm always going to be here for you. I'm not leaving." Steve weakly grins, resting his head on your chest, his eyes fluttering shut.

Steve was never known for loving anyone but himself, but that night, the night where he was at his weakness, he found himself loving you more than anything. He knew he loved you, but this made him need you more, love you like the sun adores the moon. You were his stars in the dark sky, lighting the way.

Steve Harrington loved you more than you could know.

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i'm sorry that this is short, but it's late for me and i am exhausted. please excuse my lack of writing, it's shitty i know. also i know i rarely update but that's because i'm dealing with some harsh things right now, but i'm trying so bare with me. 

but if you have any ideas, please let me know, i need some lol. 

anyways, hope you enjoy the rest of your night/day. xx 

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