Pink Sparkles

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|Tsukiko's POV|

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|Tsukiko's POV|

I hadn't seen my brother in so long, it had been decades. My brother was unlike me in so many ways, first of all; he was human. We were entirely different species, I had nine tails and fox ears connected to my body, and he was completely human. Another thing, I was magic, he was not. There was nothing special about him, except his intellect. He was one of the smartest people I had ever met. This meant that he was supposed to be a kitsune, like me and my mum, but something stopped him from being born as one. His intellect was on par with mine, and us kitsunes are known for our intellect. No one knew what stopped him from being born like us, but I'm glad that he wasn't. It meant that he wasn't hunted as I was. 

Our mother, she is in the heavens, where I am supposed to be, but that means leaving Haruto behind, and I could never do that, so I stayed on Earthland. Every now and again, out mother comes down to see us, but that's all the contact that we have.

My father, he was a mystery. I never knew him, he and my mum still talk to each other, and they live together up in the heavens, but I never met him. Haruto is my brother, even if he is decades younger than me. I used my magic to make him immortal, at his request when he realized that he aged faster than me, a lot faster. When he realized that he would die and that I wouldn't unless I was killed, he demanded me to make him immortal. 

The thing is when my brother was first born, he could tell that there was something different about him from my mother and me, it was clearly obvious. We did everything in our power to keep him from being hurt by the truth, even going so far as to say that it was just because we're monsters. He, of course, soon found out the truth, in one of my old books about kitsunes. He read the whole book five times over before coming to me, crying his eyes out. My mother had gone to the heavens by now, so I had to calm him down by myself. 

He cried to me about him not being the same as us, even daring to say that he wasn't my real brother. That hurt and when he saw the look in my eyes he knew then that I was just trying to keep him happy, in his human life. At this point, he had also figured out that I had magic, again unlike him. 

When I had managed to calm him down, I made him a promise, that when he was a little bit older, if he still wanted to be immortal like me and our mother, then I would grant him that wish. But it would mean that he would have to stay away from the human world. If someone saw him after I had claimed that he had died, then they would know something was wrong. It had been a long time since I made him immortal, I had asked many times before if he wanted to go back to the human realm, saying that not one person would know who he was. He always refused, saying in return, that it would be weird to see how the world had changed, and that he still didn't feel safe. He knew who was after me, and although he had changed from when he 'died', he was still scared to go back to his real home. I didn't blame him. 

In the human world, I made sure to keep our house clean, and just the way that he knew it, ready for his return. I stayed there, so it wasn't very hard to keep clean. I showed him new food and treats, but I kept all the new magic items and new discoveries away from him. So that he had so much to learn when he came back home. He knew this, and he understood clearly why he knew that I knew how much he loved finding things out for himself. I had given him the newest version of the lacrima so that he could keep in touch with me. In case he needed anything in our dimension. I did eventually tell him about the dragon slaying lacrima implants you could get, but he refused instantly. He said that he didn't want to be a mage like me, but instead someone who could use his intellect to help people. 

"Haruto, you don't understand how much I missed you" I pressed myself closer, wanting his warmth to keep me happy. He didn't know about the Nuckelavee, and I planned to keep it that way. He didn't need to know how hurt I was when fighting that Daemon. I had to keep him safe at all costs.

He smiled down at me and laughed when I hugged him closer. He understood how much I missed him, of course, he did, I was his sister, he felt the same for me.

When I finally let go of him, I instantly grew cold, even with no breeze. My tails wrapped around my body to keep warm and he chuckled at the sight. I smiled in return and started walking to the tree he was just standing under. I slid to the floor under the tree and landed softly on the ground, he sat down next to me, Mavis next to his and Zeref took up my other side. We always did fun stuff when we came back here, it was our dimension we could make whatever we wanted to while here. I tilted my head to the side, my hair following my movement as I moved my hand, a small bunny appeared, created purely of pink sparkles. It bounced around the area before the four of us, and then I made its parents, they hopped around with their child and watched as it nibbled on the grass underneath it. I felt Haruto place his hand on top of my still one and smiled when he did so. Behind the rabbits, I made deers out of gold dust, birds out of blue and purple glitter and a cub and its parents out of silver shimmer. They all went about their business, some animals coming closer to us four to look at us, wondering who we were. I smiled gently as a fawn shyly walked towards my still outstretched hand and pushed its head into my open palm. 

We sat there for ages, not long after, I left Haruto in that dimension, while I, Mavis and Zeref left for another dimension, that's when my training started .

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