Chapter 6 - A Choice

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"Remember when you said your parents are dead?" Tony asks his voice trembling with an unknown emotion. I nod softly, worrying that my weak self might have to catch him.

"Your Dad never died," Tony admits. I gasp in happiness as an uncontrollable tear streams down my face. 

"Who is he?" I question.

"You're looking right at him, Bitsy," Tony whispers. 


HYDRA lied. Ultron lied. My entire life has been built on one big lie. The pieces of myself I still had left are quickly flying away from me. I don't know who I am or who I'm supposed to be. All I know is what I am and that's the last piece in HYDRA's failed plan. I'm a failure within a failure.  

The last thing I hear is my screams. The one that has emitted from me too many times before. Tony barely holds me as I fall to the ground and cry in desperation. Then I feel another scream emit from me, one of pain. Tony suddenly releases his hold on me, giving me the chance to grasp onto my head as flashbacks begin to overtake me...


"Where's my Daddy?" I whimper, but no one around me answers. Suddenly two large soldiers lift me from the ground by my arms.

"I want my Daddy!" I scream as my legs flail around, looking for any kind of escape. They put me in a chair and begin to strap me down. I cry in fear and in panic as they connect me to many different wires and machines. Then, one of them pushes a button... 


I'm back in my old cell in Germany, the same glass walls and force field suffocating me as I sit on the cot. But that's not the only thing that is causing my misery. I feel the newfound power as it races through my veins, it's incredible energy wanting to escape. I scream as the waves of pain relentlessly torment my body with no end in sight. I feel the tears race down my face. After one falls another begins, an unending chain of release. A vicious cycle of vulnerability.  I grasp onto my arms, the pressure of my fingernails leaving tiny dents in my skin. 

The pain increases as the power gains more control of my body, imprinting itself into me. The screams get louder. I feel my heart beating through my chest and dark spots begin to cloud my vision. With one last scream, the power flees from me, blasting everything in its path. Once it leaves, overwhelming exhaustion takes over my body. I collapse onto the cot as my heart begins to steady. Before my body takes its rest, I see soldiers scurrying around me. My newfound power destroyed the force field.

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