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*Lemon Warning*

I stared out the window as the sound of music blasted through my earbuds. The rain dropped down from the sky as it covered the streets.

It was already the afternoon and I had .been sitting in this Daycare since 6 am in the morning.

Sighing I laid my head on my arm and I went back to staring outside. Each droplet of water that hit the window played through my ears.

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the daycare centre. Children played with other children. They built and had fun together.

I felt a light tugging on my shirt and I looked down. Taking my earbuds out I gave the child a small smile.

"Ap-Aphmau.. can we habe snack.." One of the little girls asked.

I nodded my head and looked around the room for whoever was in charge.

Right now was my break and although I loved the children I needed one once in a while.

Putting my phone and earbuds back into my pocket I walked back into the daycare centre.

The kids had finally quieted down a bit and were all sitting at there tables.

"Alright, we can have a snack now go line up!" I said as I walked over to the kitchen.

The children lined up at the window in the kitchen where they were greeted by a friendly cook.

She gave them all snacks as they grabbed plates.

I walked back into the office and the ringing of the phone caught my attention. I quickly hurried over to it as I recalled the number. Picking up the phone I spoke,

"Good evening Mr. Lycan."

"Ah, Pheonix look I need a favour could you watch Lilith a little longer tonight I won't be there till later so after closing hours.." He mumbled into the phone.

"Sure, will be in the daycare if you need anything more."

"Thanks a lot." He replied into the phone.

"Any time." I put the phone down on the hook and sighed.

Mr. Lycan one of the clients I had met when I just started working here. Boy was he handsome.

He was a single parent raising a daughter and he was also a very busy man.

I sat down on the chair and started spinning around well my knees were up.

My face blushed a rosy pink as I thought about him.


It was already 9 at night me and Lilith had been playing around for a few hours now. I was starting to get tired especially after being here for so long.

We'd normally close at 6 but I thought he'd just be maybe an hour late or so.

Yawning I got up off the ground and just as I did there was a knock at the door. Sighing in relief I quickly ran over. I opened up the door and met eyes with Mr. Lycan.

"Hey..." I mumbled yawning.

"Sorry I was so late." He replied rubbing the back of his forehead.

"Daddy!" Lilith screamed out as she ran towards the door.

Lilith jumped up into his arms and he gave her a big smile. She jumped back down on the ground and gave me a smile.

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