King Dorephan

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You walk in Zora's Domain with Link at your side. Both of you stop to stare in awe at how beautiful the place is even in the rain. The sound of blissful waterfalls cascades, resinating a beautiful song. You look around and see Prince Sidon running over to you.

"Woah! You're here at last!" Sidon greets with his toothy grin. Link waves to him, causing you stifle a laugh at such a casual welcome. "I've been waiting for you, Link and (Y/N)," he says and strikes his signature heroic pose. "Welcome! Behold the pride of my people, Zora's Domain! Now I shall introduce you to the King. Hurry, this way!" 

He beckons you to follow him. You and Link ascend up a flight of stairs, passing a statue of a beautiful Zora carved of crystal. You walk into a throne room and see an enormous Zora sitting on the throne resembling a whale. A Zora who looked more of a manta ray stood to the side of the throne.

"Ah you must be the Hylians that Sidon brought here, correct?" the large Zora spoke with a deep voice. "You did well to come all the way here! I am King Dorephan, ruler of the Zora." He looks at the two of you closer. "Hm? That object upon your waist..." He stares at Link and leans closer on his throne. "Is that not a Sheikah Slate?! HMMM?! Now that I have gotten a good look at you, it is all too clear who you are. You are the Hylian Champion, Link!" He gives a hearty laugh.

He looks over at you. "Hmm? I don't recall who you are, young one. Please, tell me your name."

"(Y/N)," you say. "It is a pleasure to meet you," you nod. The King's eyes widen.

"General (Y/N)?! Head of the royal guard (Y/N)?! My, it is an honor to see you again! You only ever came here once to meet with our soldiers and my daughter. I am shamed to say I forgot your face since the brief interaction," he shakes his head. You stay silent and he looks back at Link who is still staring at King Dorephan with a fix expression on his face. "Do not tell me you two have forgotten me..."

"The Hylian Champions? You can't mean the Link and (Y/N)? Those champion?!" Sidon stares at the two of you in awe. "So that's where I have heard your names before! What a fateful coincidence that we should cross paths!"

"I cannot believe it. The Hylian champions Link and (Y/N), have appeared before us... We have met numerous times, Champion Link, I'll have you know. I heard a terrible rumor that you two had fallen in combat, but it appears you have managed to survive! Extraordinary!"

"I lost my memory," Link says. "(Y/N) as well."

"Come again? You say you have lost your memory?" he leans forward and gapes. "But surely you remember my precious daughter, Mipha, yes? You do, do you not?" You and Link both shake your heads. "I cannot believe it... have you truly forgotten my dear Mipha as well? You and Mipha were so close, Link, and you do not remember her? Young heroes, please look upon the beauty of Zora's Domain."

You and Link turn around and look out to the center. "Do you see that statue? Does gazing upon Mipha's immortalized form still not jog your memory?" King Dorepham asks eagerly.

You and Link turn back around and shake your heads.

"Well perhaps your memory will return in time. I dearly hope so," he sighs with a voice full of sorrow.

"Father, I do not think discussing my sister is helping matters at the moment. They seem confused," Sidon speaks up. 

"Oh? Yes of course. But first, it is worth noting how remarkable it is that Sidon brought the last champions here without realizing it!" He booms a hearty laugh, echoing off the stone around them. "Now then," he begins seriously. "I must inform you that Zora's Domain is in danger of vanishing because of Divine Beast Vah Ruta. We alone can not stop this beast. Will you lend us your strength?"

"What?!" The Zora standing by the throne blurts out, outraged. "King Dorephan, my liege! Please do not speak so! To ask a Hylian for help... the very thought curls my fins."

"Muzu, I expected more of you," King Dorephan sighs in disappointment. "How can you still protest?"

"Muzu! It is rude to speak that way to your King and his guest. Link and (Y/N) are here because I invited them," Sidon reasons. "We have no choice but to rely on trustworthy Hylians. Link and (Y/N) are the keys to saving Zora's Domain, I have no doubt in my mind."

"Indeed. Link is a champion through and through," the King states further. "His skill develops solely on General (Y/N)'s behalf. You must exercise respect speaking in front of such royalty!" 

"Have you already forgotten, my King?" Muzu says with disbelief. "We can not trust these lowly Hylians! They turned Hyrule into what it is now today! And that is not the least of it... It is their fault that Lady Mipha is lost to us..." he says in sorrow. 

"Link. (Y/N)," King Dorephan turns and says. "Divine Beast Vah Ruta has great power. It has the ability to create an endless supply of water. This area has been plagued by heavy rains." King Dorephan is interrupted by a shriek of the sound of an elephant call. You are startled by the noise and looked out the window to the cliff. "The Divine Beast is crying out once again..." he observes. The ground shakes, as if the creature is stomping and brewing up a storm somewhere out there.

"Princess Zelda often studied the Divine Beast," the King directs your attention back on him. "According to her research, the orbs located on Ruta's shoulders are mechanisms that control the water it generates. However, they require electricity to work."

"Shock arrows have been slowing the water down," Sidon explains, "but us Zora are vulnerable to the power of electricity. That is why I went in search for a Hylian who could help us!" He smiles and strikes his pose. "Once it stops rampaging, you can easily climb inside it. Come on ! Let us appease Ruta together!"

"I'm in. Let's do this," Link nods. You take a few steps forward and nod as well.

"Thank you, truly, we are in your debt. Now then, allow me to offer you this gift as a show of strength," the King says. He hands Link a folded piece of armor with chainmail in a pattern of scales. "As long as you have this, you can ascend waterfalls just like a Zora. Please take good care of it."

"King Dorephan!" Muzu bursts out. "Surely you do not intent on giving this Hylian Zora Armor! Princess Mipha made that one with her own hands! It is far too important to intrust with a shady Hylian! Why should HE receive such an honor?" Muzu glares at Link with dagger intensity. "This is too much my liege! I do not understand it one bit!" Muzu shakes his head and struts off.  

"Hm. That Muzu is not easily swayed once is mind has set," King Dorephan sighs. "Mipha means a lot to him... just as she means the world to us. I hope you can forgive his rudeness," he apologizes

"Do not let his words concern you, young champions. I will work his out with Muzu," Sidon says. "I shall return shortly!" The Zora prince dashes down the stairs after Muzu.

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