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"WHY ARE YOU SO late?" Levi frowned.

"Clarkson was a bit hard to persuade," Ella said, throwing the bags with their breakfast at their feet.

"I'm impressed," Alex said with raised eyebrows," I have to admit I hadn't expected you to succeed."

"Nice, El!" Will said as he jumped up.

She smiled at them as they sat in a circle, eating the sandwiches Clarkson had given them.

"Clarkson just held you up?" Levi said as he looked at her, ignoring Alex and Will's conversation about what kind of flower they would be.

"Is that worry I detect?" Ella teased, although she said it more to get him off her back than anything else.

He looked at her for a moment, his brown eyes so clear they almost pryed the truth out of her. She had to force herself to not avert his gaze. Eventually he looked away, his bored eyes following the river's waves.

"Levi, listen to this," Alex said as he slapped Levi on the shoulder," Will is saying I'm not a rose. I am, aren't I?"

"I don't care," Levi said.

"I find you more a tulip guy," Ella said.

"Et tu, Brute?" Alex said as he placed a hand in front of his heart in mock hurt.

"Will is obviously a sunflower," she said, not looking up at Alex' dramatic behavior.

Will beamed at her and she smiled back.

"What about Levi?" Alex said as he looked at his friend," I can't think of a flower that suits you, man. I find you more the tree kind of guy."

"What does that even mean?" Levi frowned.

Ella couldn't suppress a smile as she leaned back and watched them talk, the conversation flowing easily. Even though she had heard numerous rumors about them, it all seemed exaggerated when they were talking so carefree like this. But then again, they had fought almost twelve times already and it was only the second day.

"These activities are horrible," Alex complained," I don't think Clarkson has any inspiration."

"He's letting us do random stuff," Will nodded," but this is great group bonding, isn't it?"

"I've felt the need to kill all of you numerous times the past twenty-four hours," Levi said.

"I don't think that feeling is limited to camp when it's with you," Ella said.

"It isn't," Alex said," you should really loosen up sometimes, man. Go get yourself a girl."

"What?" Ella said," don't tell me girls don't love this angry, violent attitude you have here."

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