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I want to start by saying I'm sorry. And I know that probably doesn't mean much since I've been saying sorry for years.
I have decided that my best plan would be to start this book over, and try again. I started this so long ago that the original plan for it has been long lost. I'm so very sorry to those of you who genuinely wanted more. I wasn't lying all those times I had said I was going through so much. Between school, family, and home life, the past four years has been tough. Especially on my writing. Or well, lack thereof.

I'm here to say sorry, and to give you all a heads up, but hopefully you will forgive me once I do my best to actually start writing this again. Which will be soon. The plot (which I know makes no sense) will be similar, and the characters and such as well, but I'm just not happy with the previous chapters to the point that I can't write more until I start over.  I graduate highschool this year, and I am taking a gap year before starting college. During that time I plan on writing more, I will also more than likely get a job, but I definitely plan on writing more. For now, I'm going to rewrite what I have and republish it and go from there. I'm so very sorry to those of you who got genuinely excited for this just to be let down over and over. I hope you will be able to forgive me. I love you all.

Til next time, Shion❤️

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