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I stormed into the estate, still fuming from what happened in the warehouse. I made my way downstairs to my father's office, replaying the fight I had with that brat over and over again. Not believing in knocking, I grabbed the silver handles of the large white doors and barged into the room.

I found my father pacing his office, screaming to some poor soul in Italian. You could tell when he was pissed because he always switched between Italian to English.

I made my way to a decorative chair in the corner and sat, watching as shit hit the fan.

"CAZZO!" He screamed as he held the phone away from his ear and directly in front of his mouth.

"I don't give a fuck what you have to do, dipshit, just FIX IT." He yelled before he threw his phone at the wall, causing the glass screen on his iPhone to shatter.

I watched as my father walked over to his black L-shaped desk. He grabbed the back of his leather chair, pulling it out before he plopped onto it. A large sigh escaped his lips before he brought his hands up to his temples, rubbing them roughly.

"Your brother is going to be the death of me." He mumbled as he closed his eyes.

Romano was my little brother, and he was by far the smartest idiot I knew. He was brilliant and learned quickly, but he was messy. From pissing off our suppliers, leaving witnesses behind, to even killing the wrong fucking target, we could always count on Romano to make stupid mistakes. That, and he couldn't keep his dick in his pants for more than two seconds. That year alone he had three girls that had pregnancy scares. Kid needed to learn how to wrap up.

"In other news," I said, finally breaking the silence. "Uncle Rico is dead."

"Good riddance. I'm glad that sneaky bastard is gone. He was always stealing from the business and blowing our money away at strip clubs." My father said seriously as he continued to rub his temples.

"Too bad they got to him before I did. The Americans actually did us a favor for once." I laughed dryly as the irony of tonight's events were finally settling. The reason why I was even at that restaurant to begin with was because I was sent there to assassinate Uncle Rico myself. Sadly, as I was about to take the shot, that bitch beat me to it.

"They did do us a favor killing Rico, but then those motherfuckers stole our shipment of drugs from Italy." He slammed his hand on the desk as he stared at me.

"Fucking Americans." I mumbled as I walked over to the desk in the corner. I opened the cabinet and took out a bottle of expensive whiskey. I poured two glasses, and handed one to my father. We clinked our glasses together before I downed the entire thing in one gulp.

"Son, the ball is coming up soon." He spoke coldly.

"So?" I said, refilling my drink. I tilted my head back as I brought the glass to my lips, drinking the entire contents in one gulp yet again.

"We cannot have a repeat of last year." My father said as he stared at me like he was glaring directly into my soul.

"She started it." I sneered as I stared at my father.

"I don't give a flying fuck. Do not embarrass this family again, capisci?" He yelled

"If you're going to kill her, do it outside the ball, I don't give a fuck. But we can't break this relationship with the Mexican Mafia, it's too important." My father said as his eyes narrowed.

"Sir yes sir." I spit out sarcastically as I gave him a small salute.

Fuck this stupid ball. Every year, it was the same shit. We were fucking criminals, so why were we pretending to act civil for a night? We all got together and saw our rivals, our enemies, and pretended that we were at peace for the sake of business while we mentally plotted their death. It was a waste of time. A very extravagant and expensive waste of time.

"Your neck... was it her again?" His icy glare was now fixed on blood still dripping down my neck. His words snapped me out of my thoughts.

"The one and fucking only." I growled as I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a swig.

"How many years has it been? And you still can't kill her? The fuck is wrong with you, son?" He hissed.

I ask myself that every day.

I grabbed my empty glass and threw it at the wall. It's not like his words were anything new to me. I stormed out of his office and headed towards my room. I needed a long fucking shower after today.

When I finally reached my room, I grabbed the handle of the door and paused as I heard a muffled voice coming from the other side. I quickly gripped the gun on my waistband with my free hand and pulled it out. I turned the safety off before I placed my finger on the trigger and turned the handle.

I swung the door open to see two women I fucked last week sprawled out on my bed. The redhead was still wearing her lingerie, while the blonde was completely naked. I didn't know their names, frankly because I didn't care enough to ask. The blonde one had her legs spread, moaning as the redhead was pleasuring her.

"Daddy's back!" The blonde said seductively as she stared at me. As soon as she did, the redhead lifted her head from between her legs and turned to me.

"Why are you here? But more importantly how the fuck did you get in my house!?" I yelled as I furrowed my eyebrows.

They seemed to ignore my question as they walked over to me. Their hips swayed with every step as they stared at me hungrily. When they finally closed the distance between us, they dropped to their knees and began fumbling with my belt buckle.

"We just wanted to see you again." The redhead said with a seductive smile before she began undoing my belt. Once she loosened it, the blonde began to pull my pants down as she giggled quietly.

The redhead grabbed her hair and put it to one side, and I narrowed my eyes as I saw a faint mark on the back of her neck.

I weaved my hand into her hair before I grabbed a fistful. I pulled her head forward and lifted her hair up, revealing the brand that adorned her skin. I immediately raised my gun, pressing it against the blonde's temple before I pulled the trigger. Blood drenched my clothes as her lifeless body fell limp onto the floor.

As I turned my attention to the redhead, she quickly reached into her lace bra, and pulled out a small syringe filled with clear liquid. She launched her arm forward, attempting to stab it into my thigh.

I side stepped her, before I aimed my gun and shot her hand. The syringe fell to the ground as she let out an ear-piercing scream. I lifted the butt of my gun up before crashing it down onto the side of her head, knocking her out.

My father and a few guards barged through the door, all with guns out as they began evaluating the situation at hand. Blood was sprayed all over my room and floor.

"Which one of you idiots let them in?" I growled as I looked at the guards.

"Sir, we never allow anyone besides family on the premises." The man said sternly as he tensed.

"Well, looks like someone fucked that up, didn't they?" I said angrily as I threw my hands up, displaying my nearly crimson dress shirt.

I mumbled a string of curses under my breath as I looked over at the flowing curtains near my balcony. The door was cracked, letting a chilling breeze pass through my now silent room.

"...Father, I think we might have a problem." I said sternly as I motioned to the redhead laying at my feet. I bent down, grabbing her hair once more and moving it to the side, showing my father the brand.

He tensed as his eyes fixated on the mark. I watched as my father's hands clenched into fists, and his demeanor grew tense.

"Get this fucking mess taken care of." I commanded as I stood up and began unbuttoning my drenched shirt.

"Take her to the back house. I'll handle this personally." I hissed at the guards.

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