Divine Beast Vah Ruta

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You wake up to someone shaking you.

"(Y/N). (Y/N), come on. Wake up," you hear Link say. You open your eyes and sit up. 

"Is it noon already?" you groan with a grated voice.

"It's past noon. We should head out. I'll be in the market. Come get me when you're ready," Link says as he walks out. You tug on your Champion garb and pin it with the Sheikah Eye. You grab your traveler's sword from the bedside table, along with the shock arrows and steel Lizal bow. You say goodbye to the Zora at the counter and head out.

Nothing seemed to change from when you and Link went to the inn. The skies still lingered with unfriendly, grey clouds. Rain still sprinkled from the sky. You walk over to Mipha's statue and think of the memory you shared with her. 

Before you head off to find Link, you investigate a room in the center of the domain with a strange structure inside. A Sheikah Eye glows orange on the front, while the other lights around the base glow blue. You walked over and examine it closer. It is appeared to be made of stone, the same ancient material that the Sheikah Towers are made of. The room is flooded with water with Lotus seeds and lily pads floating on the surface. You walk all around this strange formation and find a sword leaning against the back wall behind the build.

You grab the handle of the two-handed weapon and pull out the blade to reveal a beautiful longsword made of silver. The weight and durability was much greater than your traveler's sword. You drop your sword and replace it with the new weapon you found. It is significantly heavier, but you were built on carrying weight with you all day.

You turn around and walk out of the strange room. You head for the merchant to find Link there. You see him looking at the fish they sell and stare at them with hunger. You see rock salt, ice arrows, violets, and rice also being sold. You walk over to the ice arrows, interested in the design. The tip of the arrow resembles a snowflake with three sharp edges. You touch the blue ice and jump back at how cold it is. You grab a few bundles and take it to the Zora at the counter.

"You would like the ice arrows? That will be--"

"Wait, I would like to get these too." You cut in and set down the whole stock of arrows, including the ones with no effects. The Zora stood with disbelief.

"I can not imagine what you would need with so many arrows," she comments as she takes your rupees. You laugh and this grabs Link's attention. He walks over as you are putting away the arrows in your stolen quiver.

"You ready to head out?" he asks you.

"We should eat first," you suggest. "I can see you are clearly hungry." Link laughs with you as you head out to the edge of the domain. There, you lean on the railing under a small roof and hand Link some breakfast. You eat your meal and gaze off in the distance to Reservoir Lake to where Sidon is waiting. Thoughts trace your mind and pull you into a blissful state of deep thinking. The air permanently smelled of sweet rain. Link finishes eating and taps you on the shoulder, pulling you out of the trance. 

"Let's go," he says. You notice his impatience and come to a conclusion in your mind that he must can't stand the thought of making Zora's Domain wait any longer.

You silently follow him to Reservoir Lake and meet Sidon there waiting. Ruta poured down water from the sky with no intention of holding up. It resembled an elephant, a beautiful creature made of stone with red glowing lights. 

"My dear sister," Sidon frowns, not noticing you two approaching. Once your footsteps grew loud enough, he turns around and sees you and Link approaching. 

"Glad to see you are ready to go, champions!" he enthusiastically says. You feel a twinge of sadness thinking that Sidon's optimistic act was all a cover. "Are you ready for this? Do you have the Zora armor? And the shock arrows?" 

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