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ELLA LET HIM GO, surprise visible on her face. She had expected him to be teasing, to be anything but serious really. After all, wasn't he the one who had kept saying she was annoying, who had gotten on her nerves on purpose?

"Not that I mind," he drawled," but you do remember you're still completely in your underwear."

She scowled at him this time.

"Turn around then," she said.

He complied, pushing himself off the rocks as he resumed his earlier position. A faint red had tinted her cheeks and she cursed herself for it. She couldn't start liking a guy like this again. A guy who attracted trouble as easily as he breathed.

Someone exactly like her.

"Cat got your tongue for once?" he said," hadn't expected that."

"I see we all got surprised today."

"And just when I thought you were flirting back," he said.

She pushed his back amicably, taking care not to put a lot of strength in. "You idiot," she chuckled.

"Can I take that as a sign you've fallen for my advances after all?" he said, his head turning to the side so she could catch a glimpse of a smirk.

"Your advances are far from the charismatic, smooth ones of a player," she said, a smile playing on her lips.

"I thought I was plenty smooth?" he frowned.

"Yeah, sure you did," she said.

He locked eyes with her, those mesmerizing brown eyes that almost seemed golden in the sunlight. When they wandered down and remained on her lips, she had to force herself to breathe normally.

Just imagine him as an old man, a grumpy, old man.

His hair fell onto his face in a way that made him seem more boyish than masculine now, water droplets falling on the smooth rock with every move he made. The usual storm in him had gone silent, he was made out of stars now and she always had loved the night. It was only then that she realized he was only wearing boxershorts, his defined muscles still gleaming thanks to the water.

"Admiring me now, are you?" he said.

With his usual scowl gone, he seemed a lot more at ease. It probably had little to do with her and more with the fact they were isolated from the world right now, but she still couldn't help but wish to see him longer like this. So soft, so carefree.

"There's your arrogance again," she smiled," I was almost afraid you were a different person."

That devilish smirk again, before he completely froze. She looked at him, confused at his sudden change when she noticed what he was looking at. Her arms had a faint red lining them where Tamara's brothers had held her earlier, their rough grip marring her skin now.

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