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IT FELT LIKE CLARKSON had run out of ideas. Their activity for the day was a scavenger hunt, but with a list of items from the staff and other students instead of actual treasures to be found. He had given each group a small bag of items corresponding to the lists, before shooing them off. It was a horrible idea, especially seeing as the rest of the students were wandering around this huge forest as well. But then again, he had probably just hoped it would keep them occupied.

Alex let out a groan as he read the list, crumbling the paper in his hands and moving to toss it away. Ella snatched it out of his hand before he could. Once she had it in her hands she smoothed it out, raising her eyebrows at him.

"What?" she said," do we have to collect Clarkson's boxershorts or something?"

"No," Alex sighed," worse."

"It can't get much worse than that."

"We have to get a tie from Ava's group," he said," and a sudoku from Trevor's. So yeah, it can get worse."

She stopped walking to fully focus on the list, causing Will to almost bump into her as he recklessly jumped across each obstacle in his path without looking up. Levi was a few steps behind them, fishing out a Rubik's cube from the bag they had gotten, a frown on his face. One glance at it made her shake her head.

"What's with all these puzzles?" she said," do you think he makes those in his free time?"

"That's not the thing we should focus on here," Alex frowned, before adding," and of course not, Clarkson doesn't have the patience for it."

"He has the patience to be vice-principal of St Joseph," Will pointed out.

"It's a wonder to me how the man hasn't had a burnout yet."

"With how much he's screaming I would say he's close to one," Ella said.

"You would think," Alex said," but no, he's always been that grumpy. It has to be his personality."

She chuckled, but despite their jokes about it, she could feel the boys cared about Clarkson somewhere. It may have been deep down, mingled with their amusement, but they did. Still, that didn't keep them from complaining. When Alex' eyes lit up though, that's when Ella knew he had gotten a terrible idea.

"Doesn't matter," Alex said," this is finally my chance to accidentally terrorize Trevor. I won't let this go.'

"I'll hold him," Levi offered.

"I'll help too," Will grinned.

"Don't encourage him," Ella chastised," Clarkson will punish us all if we turn this game in an actual hunt."

"You're in St Joseph," Alex said," yet you care about rules now?"

"Get real," she snorted," as if. I just meant word would get back to my mother and she doesn't take kindly to me breaking any of them, as you can see."

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