Chapter 15

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Abhinay pov

" Abhi ! you are now a gone case.!!" Vinay chuckled, giving me a wink as Viraj too laughed, sitting beside him on the chair of my office room. I just told both of them that my maa is forcing me to choose a bride and now they both are teasing me.

Seems like they both want some dose from me.

I glared at both of them murderously.

"Do you both want to die?" I asked him in my lowly calm voice, glaring at both of them.

" Nah boss!! I think you should focus on finding a sanskari bahu for your mom rather than focusing on killing us both." Vinay teased as he smirked at me.

I pursed my lips in a thin line. Within one second I grabbed the vase and throwed at his direction.

But alas! he dodged it before it could hit him.

" Whoa boss! calm down. These days you are growing quite aggressive. Is everything ok with your small brain ?" Vinay said with a chuckle. I took a pen stand from the desk and threw at him.

" Shut up both of you...!! Here, I am in a problem and you both, instead of solving my problem, are busy on teasing me..!" I said with a murderous glare.

'' Calm down boss. You have two weeks." Viraj stated, looking at me with a neutral face.

" Calm down !? CALM DOWN!??FIRST TELL ME HOW THE FUCK AM I MEANT TO FIND MYSELF A BRIDE WITHIN TWO WEEKS?" I thundered with frustration and anger.

" We have two weeks boss. And by the way, what about your girlfriends?" Viraj said, raising an eyebrow at me.

I frowned.

" What girlfriends? I don't do girlfriends." I said.

" Then what about your one night stands?"

" For fuck sake !!" I sweared, "By what angle you define them a 'sanskari bahu'? They were only for one nights.. dammit !"

I raked my hairs in frustration, busy in thinking about the ways where to find this kind of bahu? Do they even exist? I wondered.

Suddenly a knock was heard on the door and we all snapped our gazes to the door.

" Come in." I said in a deep baritone.

One of my men entered the room, glanced at the other two and finally landing his gaze at me with a maintained neutral expression over his face.

" Sir, you had asked about the information for a girl named 'Tara'. Here are some of my findings." He gave me a file, still standing near my desk.

I opened the file and raked my eyes over the details and information regarding my prisoner Tara.
It was having information regarding her name, age, orphanage, school name, but she had dropped out of the school after fifth, which means she haven't attended the school after that.
I frowned when I realised there were no name mentioned of her parents. I remembered she told me that her parents abandoned her at the orphanage when she was an infant. That means she don't know much about her parents.

" Why haven't you searched her parents?" I asked in my cold business voice while gazing at him.

" Boss, it was nearly impossible to find her whereabouts. We tried to find her parents but failed because there was not a single clue about her parents." He said in a firm voice.

I again looked at the file.

No boyfriends.
No affairs.
Lives in orphanage.
A pet dog she loves the most more than anything.

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