Kara Kara Bazaar

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The only thing that kept you awake was your pacing and stretching around the fire. Your eyes itch with tiredness around the crack of dawn. You can't stand the boredom anymore and decide to wake Link.

"Hey, it's morning. We should get going," you poke at him. He grunts and turns over routinely. You groan in frustration, not wanting to go through this again. You stand up and kick at his legs. "Come ooon. Get up!" Link sits up and stretches.

"I'm up. I'm up," he yawns. You grab your gear and hop on, steps ahead of Link. He ever so slowly follows you. You sigh at his sluggishness and grab a meat skewer to snack on.

"Gerudo is around these mountains. We need to go around them and find a passage. It will be completely idiotic to try and climb that monster." You flick Ginger's reins and he begins a quick trot off road, Link finally following you.

A few times you nearly fall asleep during the ride. The ground begins to elevate and the path toward Gerudo starts showing clear. The sound of the horses' hooves are then muffled by a shallow dust of sand beneath you. The canyons have a beautiful view of orange to show.

The horses will be useless in the sand, so you decide to leave them at a stable on the path. You look up and see another Sheikah Tower.

"Look, the Gerudo Tower is up there," you point. Link nods and leads you toward it.

After scaling wooden scaffolding that was built on the cliffs, you reached the tower, but this tower was drastically different from the rest. The bottom of the tower was plundged into a bottomless pit. It dug deep into the earthen ground with a massive crevice carved in the stone around it. Wooden platforms and leverages led up to level with the towers peak. 

"Well, good luck!" You hit Link on the back. He turns around and gives you a look.

"Ugh, just stay here. I'll be right back." He then runs off to the tower to climb the walls. You sigh and rub your eyes that can't seem to stay open. The heat around you made you drowsy and dazed. You sit down and try and make use of your wait by sharpening your blade.

The silver had taken so many hits, it threatened to snap off. The heavy twists of metal gleamed in the sun and nearly blinds you.

Link seemed to be taking his sweet time.

You nearly fall asleep right where you are sitting, until you heard a noise nearby. You perk awake and looked around. A few minutes go by and you decide it was your imagination. You then hear the tower activate and shine a brilliant blue.

Link finally comes back and you stand up.

"You took your time," you yawn.

"I didn't want to slip and die, thank you," he scolds. 

"Just a joke," you wave him off, though he already understood that.

You both carefully climb down the cliff and into the sand. You walk and walk and it seemed like hours until you finally saw something in the distance. The sand tugged at your legs with agonizing resistance.

"Is that the Bazaar?" You point to a formation ahead. Link gets out his Sheikah Slate and looks at the map to check.

He hums in confirmation. "It is."

"Hey, wait," you muse. "That structure... is that number four? In the album?"

Link switches to the album and his face lights up. "It is! It's gotta be. We're almost there."

You nod and bear the heat for just a little longer with the new information driving. The Kara Kara Bazaar becomes closer and closer and finally you reach the oasis. Other travelers sat in the shade of palm trees and under canopies. A pond of water simmered in the perfect temperature the oasis holds. You walk over to it and keel down.

You dampen your hand and cool yourself off. The layers of fabric of the Hylian set insulated the body heat and drenched of sweat. Link retrieves the slate beside you and swipes to the album.

He studied the photo and looked around, cueing you to stand up with him. He freezes yet again as a forgotten memory resurfaces.

Once he snaps out of his trance, the usual faint sadness that crosses his face was absent. Instead, he smiled so subtly you almost missed it.

"What happened?" you ask him, referring to his memory.

"I protected Zelda from some bandits," he answers. "That's all."

"Bandits?" you echo. "Did they have an upside down Sheikah eye on their masks?" You ask him while motioning around your face.

"Yeah, what of it?"

"I recalled them too," you tell him as you both walk around the small pond. "In my memory, I was told they were called the Yiga Clan; Sheikah who turned evil."

"Oh, what? Huh," he says in fascination and looks around the desert. He takes his slate in hand again and snaps a few photos of the canyons with cinematic lens flares, a skill he is steadily getting better at capturing.

He turns to look at you and sees nothing but utter exhaustion on your face. "We should get some rest.," Link insists. You wish you could protest and keep going, but your strength says otherwise. 

Now in the safety of a civilization, you are able to rest without worry. You sit with Link under a tent and lay down to catch up on a few hours of sleep you missed.

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