Play date

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They arrived at the park to see Kayla and miles waiting for them. Sonic ran over to miles and the two children greeted each other. "Now boys, you two be careful Alright? No rough play." Kayla said. "We understand." Sonic and miles said in unison. And ran off to the play ground leaving the two women alone.

The first place they went is to the swing set. Sonic was easily able to push miles. The fox giggled and laughed with joy. Then came Sonics turn. Miles struggled push sonic as he was bigger than him. "No worries, let's just do something else." Sonic said as he stood up. "Ok."Miles said. "How about we play a game of tag?" Miles said. "Sure but we need more people." Sonic looked around and saw a red echidna playing all alone. He ran over to him. "Hi, I am Sonic, my friend and I were wondering if you'd like to play with us." The echidna happily nodded. "I'm knuckles." He said. So they began to play.

About a hour later Alexandria and Kayla came to get them. They said goodbye to their friend and began to make their way to a restaurant. Sonic nor Miles could tell what the name was as it was in a different language. It was however a familiar place to Sonic and Alexandria.They sat down at a table and ordered their food and drinks. Sonic and Miles got chocolate milk to drink and a order of mini cheeseburgers and French fries. Alexandria and Kayla ordered complex stuff that neither of them could understand. They got their stuff and finished it about 30 minutes later.

Then they left the restaurant. On their way out sonic noticed they turned to the direction of their home. The adoption center was in the opposite direction. Sonic quickly and excitedly ran up to Alexandria. "Mommy, are they coming home with us?" Alexandria gave him a nod of confirmation. Excitedly he ran back to Miles. "Guess what!" Miles looked at him. "What?" "Mommy says your coming to my house!" Sonic squealed. Miles looked at Kayla. "Really?" She nodded as well. The two of them both squealed with joy and began to do a celebration dance.

The door flew open and blue streak flew into the house. Alexandria and Kayla followed breathing heavily. "Sonic has gotten quite fast." Kayla said as she sat down. "He sure has." Alexandria said as she sat down next to Kayla. "Can we play in my room?" Miles gave them a look hinting he had the same question. Alexandria nodded and the two ran to Sonics room.

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