Chapter 10 - The Vision

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REMINDER - The twins are around the age of 16 and Erin is currently 14.

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All four of us finally made it back to the tower, despite my injury becoming worse. My arm is slung around Pietro's shoulder as he tries to carry me with as much delicacy as possible. Tony and Banner seem to be hard at work before Cap interrupts.

"I'm gonna say this once," Steve warns.

"How about non-ce." Tony fires back without looking up from his computer.

"Shut it down!" Steve yells.

"Nope. Not gonna happen." Tony states calmly, still avoiding eye contact.

"You don't know what you're doing," Steve growls.

"And you do? She's not in your head?" Banner weakly counters while pointing at Wanda. Dark spots begin to invade my vision as the group begins to bicker. I can feel Pietro tense from beside me before lowering me down to the ground slowly and disabling the machine in the blink of an eye.

"No, go on. You were saying?" Pietro asks. That's when a gunshot goes off and the boy falls through the glass floor below him. My eyes instantly widen as he disappears from my sight and adrenaline begins to pulse throughout my body.

"Pietro!" Wanda and I both yell. Steve takes the opportunity to throw his shield at the computers and Tony quickly arms his hand. He then blasts Steve away and catches my eye. Blood begins to drip through Pietro's jacket as my heart rate increases. I soon lose the ability to sit up and tumble towards the ground. My eyes still follow the fight but my thinking begins to fade in and out. I sense a presence beside me and turn to see Tony crouching beside me, half of his Iron Man armour attached to his body.

Out of nowhere, Thor appears in the lab, Mjolnir in hand. He then summons lightning from his hammer and centers it towards the Cradle, causing it to overload. The machine instantly explodes, throwing Thor backwards. A red figure is ejected from the metal tomb, a yellow light emitting from its forehead. It slowly raises its head and stares at Wanda, making an uneasy feeling rest in my stomach. The figure then attacks Thor but the god hurtles him towards the front of the tower. Instead of crashing through the glass, the entity stops himself midair and stays there. It stares at the city as a suit and cape cover his body.

Steve jumps down to the same level Thor and the figure are, but Thor holds up his hand, telling the captain to wait. Tony lifts me cautiously with one hand around my waist and my arm hanging over his shoulders. He then slowly helps me down the stairs, trying to staunch the blood with his free hand in the process. Unfortunately, his efforts prove to be futile and more blood begins to pour through his metal hand. Soon, everyone is on the same level as the figure. Pietro slowly walks over to Tony and me, concern written across his pale features. But Tony subtly pulls me away from him, making Pietro take a few steps back.

The figure soon floats down from midair. He looks at all of us in confusion when he says:

"I'm sorry. That was... odd."

"Thor? You helped create this?" Steve asks incredulously.

"I've had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all life and at its center is that." Thor explains while pointing at the yellow gem. "This is the mind stone. It's one of the six infinity stones that make up the greatest power in the universe. They are unparalleled in their destructive capabilities."

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