49: Chomp Chomp

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There's a muffin in front of your face.

With your eyes still crusted over from sleep, glued together by an unbreakable seal of physically-manifested exhaustion, you sniff the air with flared nostrils, like a dog who's caught the scent of a ribeye steak.

It's blueberry.

A blueberry muffin, and you bet Jungkook's Little Einsteins boxers that there's a dusting of sugar across the top.

And some cruel being is waving it under your nose like fainting salts.

Without opening your eyes, you rise from the bed like a whale cresting from the water, mouth wide open as you aim for the delectable treat that you haven't actually seen.

Something soft touches your lips.


You bite down with the intention of stuffing as much blueberry-filled yumminess inside your mouth as possible, but instead of muffin, your teeth clamp around something plush and smooth.

"OucH!" The shocked masculine voice implores you to immediately release your hold on the thing that is decidedly not a muffin, and open your eyes as much as their sleep-laden lids will allow.

There in front of you is Jungkook, his long legs crossed on the bed by your hip. The light of the morning casts a soft glow around his golden skin, tattoos swirling through like billows of cream in coffee.

And though he cuts a glorious figure in the soft sunlight, he can't outdo the golden, purple-dotted object he's holding. The muffin is perfect in ever way - a soft top, crusted lightly with iridescent grains of sugar, littered through with whole blueberries that bleed the dough a vibrant violet.

Your eyes wander back to the man holding your muffin captive, mystified as to why the delectable pastry is still in his hand and not in your mouth.

In one of Jungkook's hands is that beautiful muffin that you desire oh so much; his other hand is clasped to his mouth, eyes wide and offended.

"You bit me," says the man, gingerly touching his lower lip with gentle fingers.

You frown.

How did you bite him? You were definitely going straight for that muffin, but somehow ended up biting the heck out of Jungkook instead.

Only one answer is logical.

"Were you trying to lure me into a kiss?" you ask dryly. "You luer-er. How dare you."

He must've been waving the muffin around in front of your face and, when you went for it, snatched it away so your mouth would land on his.

He also must've underestimated you and your vigor for food.

Jungkook scoffs, glaring, and checks his lip again for blood. "How was I supposed to know you'd chomp the crap out of my lip? I was just trying to be cute when you woke up and this is what I get."

You shrug. "Pretend to be a muffin, you get the chomp chomp. Playing with food isn't funny."

You lever yourself up from pillows, sitting up and blinking in the morning sun. You feel refreshed, well rested, peaceful...


"Hand over the muffin." Thrusting your hand out, you wait expectantly for the tattoo artist in front of you to let you have the treat you've worked so hard for.

Jungkook pouts, his bottom lip turning out so you can see where his double lip rings pierce through his skin. You can also spy the inflamed red part where you bit him. He sets the muffin down on the side table beside the bed, nudging it away from him as far as he can reach.

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