Lady Riju

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The sun slowly rises above the bare lands. You see in the distance a stirring in the sand. Tremendous clouds of dust whirl in the air. You hear a distant stomping and look towards the distant sandstorm.

In the middle of the storm is the Divine Beast stomping in the sand. It resembles a camel and lets out a low rumbled roar. This is Naboris, once piloted by Urbosa of the Gerudo.

You break your gaze of the beast and walk up to the gates with Link as you hold your breath. The Gerudo women eye you suspiciously, but you and Link walk through without question. You let out your breath thankfully.

The place was very beautiful. Shops and stands stood open with exotic fruits, meat, and all kinds of arrows that interested you greatly. You look to your left and see the same clothes on display as the ones you and Link were wearing. 

Link starts walking up to the palace in front of the entrance.

"Wait," you stop him, "don't you want to look around first?" Link thinks for a second and then nods. You smile and wonder around the sandstone city with him by your side. You find a staircase that leads up to a bar. You walk up to the Gerudo who is cleaning a glass with a rag.

"Sav'otta." She greets. "How can I help you vai today?"

"What can we buy here?" You ask.

"This is the Noble Canteen. I do not know for certain, but you two look too young to be in a place like this." She says. You frown.

'But I am over a hundred years old. Shouldn't I be let in a bar?' you think to yourself.

You look around and see a poster with some sort of recipe on it. You examine the drawings and see that it says how to make Chilly Mushroom Risotto. While you are starring, you overhear a conversation between three Gerudo Women.

"The secret club... what was that password again?" You hear someone whisper. A password?

"GSC and a diamond." One whispers. Then you hear someone hit someone's arm. 

"Haven't I told you not to talk about this in public?"

You turn to Link and tilt your head to motion towards the Gerudo women. He gives you a look saying 'I heard'. You nod and then walk out of the bar.

"That was helpful." You say sarcastically. "We should be allowed in a bar." You say frustrated.

You and Link walk through the town and admire the exotic fruits. You end up buying a hearty durian.

You walk down the other part of the town with alleyways and bare walls. You come across a sealed door and your curiosity lead you to it. You knock on the door and then hear a voice.

"Password?" The voice says. You freeze. Is this is password the women were talking about? You will yourself to remember what the code was. "Well?" The voice says. "If you do not know, you best be off."

"GSC," you say.

"And what's after that?" The voice says.

You then try to remember the shape the Gerudo said. "A diamond," you say.

"You may enter," the voice says, and then the door swings open.

You walk into a dimly lit room where a woman stood at a counter. Two sets of armor stand at either side of the room. One is made of gold and red fabric. The other is black and mysteriously glowing a skeletal pattern.

"What is this place?" You ask the woman.

"Gerudo Secret Club," she says. "The only place in Gerudo where clothes for voe are sold. Maybe your friend here would like to buy some clothes for himself." You and Link both jump in shock. "Don't worry, I won't tell." You let out a sigh of relief.

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