The Dual ( 23 )

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Sardis and Ty traded vigorous blows at one other as they fought. Lightning flashed across the night sky as thunder rolled. Sardis tried to slow Ty down with his shadow traps but to no avail. Ty dodged the shadows at amazing speed using his lightning to go even faster.

The air grew heavy as their swords clashed. Sardis lunged at Ty but before the blade hit Ty pivoted and got behind him.

Ty swiped Sardis' legs cause him to fall forward. On the ground, Sardis turned and raised his swords to guard.

Ty then easily knocked the twin swords out of Sardis' hands.

"You the difference between you and me, brother", Ty said pointing his sword at Sardis' throat.

"Like two inches, favoring me" Sardis smirked ignoring the blade at his throat.

"I hate you."

"Why? I'm lovely" Sardis smirked as he snapped his fingers.

The shadows at Ty's feet shoot up and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back. Sardis summoned his dual swords from shadows. Sardis charged at Ty his swords gleaming deadly in the moonlight. In the little time, Ty pulled at the shadows that held him back, but to avail, however, he moved just enough to dodge one of Sardis swords.


The other impaled itself into Ty's side. Ty let out a pained cry as his shirt grew red with his blood.

 Sardis smirked at the scene before him. 

"Let me tell you brother what the difference between us is", Sardis smirked.

Ty grinned at Sardis with a bloodied smile.

"Well, let's hear it", Ty said spitting blood at Sardis.

Sardis smirked and wiped the blood off his cheek. 

"The difference is that I'm not holding back because you're my brother," Sardis smirked.

"True, but you arr holding back. Why?"

"Because your brother's fighting me."


"Well, there no reason to hide it any longer. I'm Zeref and your brother is simply a vessel", he laughed.

The shock was clear on Ty's face as the man in black explained.

"You see that day you and your brother came into my tomb and tried to finish me off I wasn't as asleep as you thought, but I did need a host.  So you weren't wrong when you thought that I had corrupted your brother's mind, but when you thought he was still in control that's when you were wrong. Although he does make suggestions from time to time." Sardis no Zeref said.

"You bastard."

"Tsk such nasty words, Tyranis. Although there is one other thing you should know. You were my intended host, but your brother and I made a deal. I let you live and he lets me in and he has graciously reminded me of this and I always honor my deals. " His eyes then turned to me. 

They held a devilish looked I'd never seen in Sardis's eyes before. He grabbed his sword and ripped it out of Ty's side. Earning a hiss of pain from him. He stalked towards me pointing his sword at me.

" You, however, broke our deal and if I remember correctly I said that if you did I'd kill you."

Oh shit.

As he stalked closer Athena growled and moved in front of me. This only made him laugh.

"Foolish beasts."  He stated plainly. He made a small gesture with his hand and the shadows beneath Athena shoot up and pulled her down just as it did with Ty. She struggled against the shadows, but they held strong.

"Larisa! Run!" Ty yelled at me as shadows covered his mouth and Sardis/Zeref held their finger to their mouth in a shushing motion.

I tried to stand but my legs disagreed with me. My vision hazed and my head felt like it was going to explode. My lungs felt like they were on fire. I felt water roll down my cheeks...wait no... it was blood. 

I was crying blood!

I felt cool steel against the skin of my cheek. A sword. 

"Hurts doesn't it. My magic is limited in this form but I manage."

It got harder to breathe as blood filled my throat, choking me. I fell down on all fours as I coughed up blood. It stung as I realized that it was black. I could even find time to scream as the pain continued.

"I haven't had this much fun in ages. You see this spell is one of my own creations and seeing it work so well just makes me feel so proud."

The pain didn't stop as it became harder and harder to see. I heard Zeref laughing as black spots blurred my vision. 

"Hey don't pass out just yet. We haven't even gotten to the final stage yet. Now that's the fun part." He said sadly.

The pain was unbearable as I hear a raged cry and the clash of swords. I couldn't find the energy to look up, but I knew it was Ty as the sky raged with thunder and lighting. The sounds of the storm brought a pained simile to my face. 

The sounds soon faded and I felt someone pull me into their arms. 

"It's going to be okay. Alright. I got you. Just stay with me." Ty said his voice shaking.

"T-Ty... I..I" I chocked out through clenched teeth.

"Shh... Don't talk. Save your strength."

I held onto him as the pain continued. The black spot grew bigger in my already hazed vision. I felt him pick me up off the ground and carry me to Raikou. The cool night air blanketed me as my grip on Ty loosen.

"Larisa, stay with me. Okay. You got to keep your eyes open. Look at me, please", Ty pleaded.

Then all I saw was black. As I whispered:

"I'm sorry."

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