Yiga Clan Hideout

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You walk out of the entrance of Gerudo and hear footsteps in the sand approaching you. You turn and see a man running toward you and Link.

"Are you the Champions everyone is talking about?" he asks you.

"I-- uh..." you debate speaking the truth.

"You are! Please, accept this gift from me. I hope it will aid you on your quest." He bows and holds out a folded pair of pants and a pair of boots on top. You take it and are surprised by the light weight material. "They should help you in the sand." He stands up straight and looks at you. "If you... you know... If you are free sometime... Maybe I could take you on a... on a d-da--"

"Oh, well, uhm-- Sorr-- I'm... He's kinda--" You take a deep breath and begin again. "Not a chance." 

"Awh man. You could have at least let me down easy," he sighs and walks off. You look down at the boots gifted to you.

"Hmm, hey I'll be right back," you say and walk back in the town. You turn to the clothes shop and walk in the back to put on the sand boots. They have a tight fit and light weight that was perfect to not sink into sand. You stomp your feet on the stone ground and hear only a muffled thump. They were pretty sound absorbent as well. 

You walk out of the shop and head back to Link. You see he had changed into the Desert Voe spaulder and headband. 

You look around and see the man who gave the boots to you sitting under a canopy. 

"Hey!" you call, to which he looks up hopefully. "Thank you! That was very kind of you. These should be a big help!" You take a moment to appreciate his smile before leaving.

You turn and walk off with Link by your side. The boots helped you stay on the surface of the sand. The ground felt completely solid and you feel you can even run on the dusty beach. You hear the sound of the Sheikah Slate starting and see Link looking at the map. He touches Karusa Valley and taps a red marker. He then switches to a smaller map and gets the exact direction they need to head in.

You pass a cactus with red fruit growing on it. Link takes a picture of it and the camera reveals it to be Voltfruit, a fruit that has low level electricity resistance. You take it with you now that you know they are edible.

After a while of walking, you rip off your silk mask and breathe in the hot air. You take off the veil and stuff the fabric in your pocket bag.

"My goddess, it is hot," you complain. While wiping sweat off of your neck, your hand brushes the brooch you pinned to the top of the Gerudo Vai top. The brooch was made of gold and carefully cut sapphires. You realize that you are able to bear the horrible heat thanks to the sapphires' natural power of heat resistance.

Maybe he had that in mind... the person that gifted you the brooch. You were so close to finding out the name, it was infuriating.

You really loved that person. How could you forget his name like this?

You continue to hike through the bare desert for what seems like an hour, until you finally reach the canyons. You pass tall formations of rock that tower over you. Electric Keese fly a little ways away from you. You take out a voltfruit and peal a part of its tough skin off so you can take a bite of the center. It tastes mildly sweet and was surprisingly juicy. It helped satisfy your thirst.

You walk deeper into the canyons and look around you to see statues resembling frogs. They were placed all around the walls and face the path. The incline starts to get very steep, but you see lines of banners and paper strung on the canyon walls. This must mean you are getting closer.

You walk up the mound and find that the sand path ends here. You climb the stone to a higher lever and you see the only way to go is left.

You almost run up the dirt path, knowing you are closer. The path swerves up and goes under a stretch of rock that sand rains down from above. 

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