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SHE HAD CROSSED THE distance slower than she'd liked, her legs a bit numb from not having moved so long. But she knew exactly where to hit the first guy in her path, years of experience making the movements flow as smoothly as water. A red band colored her wrists as she angled it and hit the person in front of her, making sure to put enough power behind it to knock him down.

When the second guy neared, she already had the feeling back in her legs. People started shouting around her, but she didn't pay it any mind. This was her zone, the one she was in before every match. Nothing could disturb her now.

A high kick floored him, a punch to the gut the next. She had her hands tangled in the fourth guy's hair before he could react, pushing him downwards as her knee collided with his face.

And even though she knew she had screwed up, even though she knew she had just ruined any chance she had of leaving this camp unscathed, she couldn't help that familiar rush of adrenaline and excitement coursing through her veins. Oh, she loved to fight, the thrill of it, the challenge.

Trevor's mouth was agape, but he quickly recovered, barking orders as they all got over the initial shock. The fifth guy blocked her blow, the pure strength of a guy overpowering her for a second as he pushed back.

But she hadn't trained so many years for nothing.

She quickly ducked, swiping his feet away as he fell to his knees, before kneeing the side of his head. The guy beside him took one look at her, at his groaning friends and ran away.

Ella turned around towards the person she had reserved for last, a slow smile playing on her lips as her eyes gleamed with the thrill of the fight.

"Payback time," she purred.

"What the fuck," Trevor breathed," I thought you couldn't fight? Never mind, on this level -"

"You're not in a position to be asking questions," Ella interrupted, her voice like honey.

The sweet taste of revenge was already vivid on her tongue, the temper she had reeled in with so much difficulty all this time finally lashing out. She was burning with unadulterated anger, the need for violence buzzing off her like electricity on her fingertips.

"What -" Trevor began, but she quickly crossed the distance, hitting him before he could finish his sentence.

He dodged her by a hair's breadth though and she hit air. She quickly recovered though, jumping back to assess the situation. As she tilted her head to the right, shaking her wrist loose, a devious grin tugged at her lips.

"How do you think you'll feel once I smash your head on the ground?" she smiled.

Trevor snarled, ready to jump at her, anger overwhelming his surprise. But before he could even come close, she was already looking at Will's back. The guys were in front of her, Levi standing toe to toe with Trevor as Alex and Will turned towards her.

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