Chapter 16

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Abhinay pov

I raised my eyebrows at her with amusement. And why not? Afterall she of all people have some guts to raise her voice in the presence of me.

She glared at each and everyone before making her gaze landed on me and stared at me with furrowed eyebrows. Anger and confusion is what I could observed as I maintained eye contact with her, equally glaring her with same intensity. A cold smirk plastered over my face.

I could feel with each passing second, her eyes seems to be more furious as she stormed towards us with a scowl etching over her face.

Instantly my men came forward towards that woman to stop her from reaching me.

"STOP !" I commanded in my loud voice making all of my men as well as this woman to froze at their place.

Meanwhile most of the people belonging to this orphanage had already gathered around us to watch the show. Some were looking at us amusedly and curiously while some were cowering in fear, fearing for the worst.

Woman in front of me looked confused with some mixed anger, but mostly anger dominated her face as she realised we were some kind of uninvited guests here trespassed her territory.

She intrigued me though. Seems like she don't know who am I or perhaps may be doing an acting in front of me inspite of knowing my identity.

Fuck !! how can I forget, that girl too came from this orphange.!!! Ofcourse she would have acquired those traits from this woman standing here.

But this woman scowling at me was looking like a brat.

I looked at her up and down, analysing her. From what I observed by taking in her appearance, she is a middle aged woman, not too old but may be around forty years of age. Anger were still swirling in her eyes as a big sketchy scowl etched over her face.

" KAUN HAI BAE TU AUR YAHA KYA KR RAHA HAI !?" ( Who are you and what are you doing here?) She growled with much sharp tone that made me flinched almost. Almost,  as she glared at me, then at my men.

My fist clenched at her sheer audacity. How dare she talked to me with disrespect !!

I could feel the eyes of all the individuals here, including my men's widened, as the people of this orphanage looked at her horrified.

But I was not shocked, rather furious. She was looking at me with such malice, I wondered where she got those damn guts !


Yeah it's better to cool down. It's her first time of disrespecting me anyway. And moreover I do not intend to shed blood in the afternoon. Not yet.

I looked over at one of my man.
"Go and take everyone out from this house and make them stand here in front of me." I ordered and with that he walked off to obey me.

" Tere itni himmat huh!! You bastard !! first you entered here forcefully and now YOU DARE TO DO INSPECTION HERE? HOW DARE YOU TROUBLE MY PEOPLE IN MY ORPHANAGE !! I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND MAKE YOU ROT IN JAIL. GET OUT FROM HERE THIS INSTANT." She yelled with her high pitched voice, plastering same scowl over her face, with her palm fisted sideways as she glared at me with pure rage.

This amused me actually. You know why??

Because this woman is testing my patience really hard. I am just few seconds away from reaching out to pull my gun and triggering at her. Her irking words coming out of her mouth wasn't helping me a bit.

She don't know who the hell I am.  She is playing with fire. Bitch !!!

One of my man brought a chair for me, to which I gladly sat upon and leaned my back on the chair while crossing my one leg over the other, in a way so that my ankle touched the knee of my other leg. My amused eyes roamed at all the individuals present at this moment, be it a men, women, children. These people clearly looked scared out of their wits. People who were amused from before were clearing showing their fear now. I can literally smell this emotion. But this woman in front of me has a totally different expression. Looks like someone is getting more angry here, forgetting that she is currently in the presence of devil like me.

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