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SHE SPUN AROUND IMMEDIATELY, pulling herself loose from Levi's grip as she came face to face with the source of the voice.

"Seb," she breathed.

Lean muscles and a golden skin had always made him popular with the ladies, dark hair falling over his brown eyes. People had told her they didn't look that much alike and she agreed, were it not for those eyes. They were her father's eyes, a trait they had both inherited and which brought a certain fondness to her mother's eyes whenever she looked at them.

It was the reason Ella had always loved her eyes, because she could catch a glimpse of the wonderful man that had been her father in the mirror each time she looked at herself.

Now however, they were livid.

Even when he was standing on his own in the hallway, he still managed to fill it up with his mere presence. Being 6'2 and a mountain of muscle made him hard to miss and right now, she was pretty sure he was about to start beating some people up.

"Get the hell away from her," Sebastian sneered as he took a step forward, finally ripping his eyes away from Ella.

His face was a threat in itself and Ella almost rolled her eyes at his overprotectiveness.

"Which fucker -" Levi hissed as he turned around, before stopping dead in his tracks.

Will and Alex were standing frozen too, Will's mouth having fallen open as Alex had stopped blinking for a moment.

"Sebastian?" Levi finally said," what are you doing here?"

Confusion flashed over Sebastian's face, before recognition quickly replaced it. Seconds later, the amicable expression that charmed everyone around him was back as the surprise brought a grin on his face.

"Levi?" he said," long time no see, man. And are those Will and Alex I see over there?"

"Martinez!" Alex exclamated happily," how have you been?"

"Your last match was great!" Will added," congratulations with winning the finals by the way."

"Thanks," Sebastian smiled, all animosity forgotten," but I -"

He stopped halfway through his sentence, blinking as he quickly remembered the situation.

"Never mind that," he said," why are you with my sister?"

Sebastian checked Ella, his eyes filled with concern, before they remained stuck on something, anger consuming his face.

"Did you do that?" he said, voice low as he looked at the guys.

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