Chapter Fifteen

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I looked out my window and sighed when I saw Liam sitting in his car, tapping on his phone. I hate that I'm stuck in my house like a prisoner, and I hate that he's basically a prisoner too, because of me.

I glared down at my completed homework, wishing that there was more so I would at least have something to do. What has my life come to, where I wish for more homework so I can be entertained?

Maybe I could invite the girls over, that way they're not seen in public with me, but I still get to hang out with them.

And dad's working until late tonight, it would be nice to have some company.

My lips stretched up into a smile as I typed out a text to Steph and Lisa telling them my plan. They could come over as soon as they got the text, and we could eat snacks and watch movies for a while. It's only Monday, a few hours after school, so they probably couldn't sleep over, but they could stay until nine or ten o'clock.

Within minutes of sending the text, both girls replied and were on their way over.

I excitedly made my way downstairs to set up the living room, stalking up on comfy blankets and bags of chips, and by the time I was done the doorbell rang.

"Hey Lisa." I greeted the gorgeous blonde, stepping aside for her to walk through the door just as Steph pulled into the driveway.

"Isn't that Liam's car?" Steph asked as she made her way to the front door, jutting her thumb over her shoulder in the direction of the car across the street.

I froze at the question. Why didn't I think about the fact that Liam was right outside my house, his car parked just across the street?

"I think he has a friend that lives across from me, his car is there all the time." I lied, barely missing a beat.

I mentally gave myself a pat on the back for the believable fib.

"How's that going, the three kisses thing?" Lisa asked as I closed the front door behind Steph.

I sighed, "Awful, I think I'm going to just give up. It's never going to happen and I feel bad lying to him."

Steph scoffed and Lisa replied, "You can't give up, the whole school will see you practically naked! How about we invite Leo over and tell him to bring his friends?"

I thought the idea over for a minute. If I invited Leo over, would that give him the idea that I want to be more than friends? And what if he brings different friends instead of Liam?

But if things did work out right, I could ask Liam if he had any updates on the mole situation, and it'll make the girls happy.

"Okay, I'll text him now." I told them, pulling out my phone to do exactly that.

Thankfully I got his number after our talk earlier today. Once I explained the reason Liam called him after I stood him up, Leo insisted that he give me his number so that kind of thing would never happen again.

After I hit send on the text I fiddled with my phone for a moment, nervously waiting for his reply. I just hope everything works out the way I want it to.

"So I've been wondering about something for a while." Steph spoke up as we all sat on the couch as I waited for Leo's reply.

"Yeah?" I asked, my curiosity peeking up at the nervousness in her eyes.

"Do you have feelings for Leo?" She finally asked after a moment of hesitation.

I sighed in relief at the question, I thought something was really wrong, Steph looked so nervous. But why would she be nervous to ask that?

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