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It was then she knew she would be killed.

"Okay," she said as she raised her hands in an attempt to defend herself," before you get angry, I want you to know -"

"Four days?" her mother screamed," you couldn't even last for seven without causing trouble?"

"To be fair," Ella said," it wasn't completely my fault."

"Don't you take that tone with me," her mother warned," I've been called away from an important case to come here, because apparently my daughter couldn't keep herself from not beating up someone for four days again!"

"It's actually quite difficult -"

Her mother groaned exasperatedly.

"Do you even know how normal people live?" she said.

"In all fairness," Sebastian said as he stepped between them," she was apparently ambushed by some guys."

Her mother froze in her tracks, eyebrows shooting in the air.

"My daughter was what?" she said.

Sebastian immediately tensed up, his posture betraying his nervosity as he looked guiltily at his mother. "So, I accidentally forgot to mention that to you. The teacher told me when he called."

"Is this true, Eleanora?" her mother asked as she turned her attention back to her daughter.

Ella awkwardly fiddled with the big hoops in her ears, before nodding.

"Kinda," she trailed off.

"Where's he?" her mother said curtly," I want the perpetrators' full names and faces. I'll make sure they'll never see the light of day again."

"Well, don't worry about that," Ella said," the main guy behind it is hospitalized, so I got my revenge."

"You hospitalized him?" her mother asked.

Although the question wasn't asked with any particular emotion, Ella couldn't help but feel like every answer would be like treading on a landmine. But before she even had to think any longer, Levi already saved her from having to reply.

"No," he said," I did."

Her mother looked at Levi, noticing him for the first time now. Ella had to give it to him though, he wasn't even flinching under her mother's stare, one which was rumored to have made people cry from the mere intensity alone. She didn't doubt it. Her mother might look pristine and elegant in her well-fitted, navy dress and classic bun, but she was also one of the most terrifying people on the planet, that Ella was sure of.

It was why the woman was her role model.

Her mother raised an eyebrow then, her face as dangerously calm as always.

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