50: Intricate

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You lock the door, first thing.

It's not that you don't trust Jungkook and the other men, it's just mainly that...yeah, you don't trust Jungkook and the other men.

Lock first, get seen naked never.

The shower is refreshing, washing away any lingering lethargy from your skin and warming you up from the morning chill. Not long after the water starts to pour down from the shower head, steam billows out in waves to cover every cool, slick surface of the bathroom.

It thickens the air, but clears your head.

So much information, so many events in such a short amount of time...

It's hard to handle.

You slept well last night, so you feel a little better, but the stress begins to rise again the moment you think about getting into a ceasefire party and knowing your father will be there, or the risk that Namjoon, Jungkook and the others are putting themselves in to help you gain the liberty you need. They're going to confront their biggest fears, the face of every trauma that keeps them awake at night, all at once and all together.

For them, and for their sanity.

And for you.

When you step out of the shower, it feels like you're stepping out into a sauna.

The mirrors at the vanity are clouded over with condensation, and the stone countertops are beaded with droplets if moisture. The steam is so thick that you almost can't breathe through it.

Wrapped firmly in a towel that's tied under your arm, you gently unlock and crack the door to let some of the steam release into the cool, clean air of the bedroom before you get dressed.

As you wait to be able to properly inhale in the muggy air, you swipe a hand down the mirror, inch by inch revealing your own reflection captured in the misty surface.

Your hair is wet and stringy, darker than normal with the weight of the water, and your skin is flushed rosy by the heat.

So overall, you look like a tomato with strands of limp, dark pasta hot-glued to the top of you.


If Jungkook isn't gone by the time you step out of that door, you're going to kick his butt.

Then, like your thoughts alone summoned his demon-like person, the cracked door flies open to admit a scrambling, panicked Jungkook into the viscous-aired bathroom.

He doesn't look twice at you in nothing but a towel; instead, he whips around immediately and shuts the door, locks it, then slides over the tile floor to hastily turn the shower back on.

The tinkling rain-sound of water pattering on the tiles begins once again, filling the tile bathroom with echoey music.

"Crap," Jungkook says, "crap, crap, crap. Hide me, Y/N." His eyes are massively round and pleading.

Just as you go to ask him what on earth you're supposed to hide him from and tell him to get the heck out while you're in a towel, a soft knock on the bathroom door makes you both freeze.

"Y/N?" calls a low voice softly.

It's Yoongi.

Whatever Jungkook did, you don't want any part in it.

"What did you do?" you hiss quietly at the man behind you, before sweetly calling out, "Yes? Who is it?"

"Ah, it's Yoongi," answers the other man bashfully. His deep, raspy voice sounds a little embarrassed to be talking to you while you're supposedly in the shower. He clears his throat. "I don't suppose...is Jungkook in there with you?"

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