Sand Seal Surfing

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A piano sonata fills the emptiness. It was a waltz and you can feel yourself dancing. You sway from side to side, holding onto someone's hand. When you look up, you can see it was Ahgin's. He smiles at you with joy, but you feel nothing but lamentation.


You open your eyes and the pain comes back to you. You feel that you are lying in a soft bed and you can hear voices in the room, but you can't seem to understand them. Their words seem distant and slow to process. 

You think of Link and try to remember how you got out of the Yiga Clan hideout, but you can't. You didn't.

You try to sit up, but a pain in your legs and lower back stops you. A hand holds your shoulder and pushes you down.

"Lie down, you're still healing," Link's calm voice says. You look up and see his eyes staring back at you, his clothes back in the Desert Vai set. You lie down on the cooling covers and close your eyes. You try to speak, but the dull pain across your entire body stops you. 

A Gerudo walks next to Link with a cup of shimmering liquid.

"Drink this. It will help with the pain," she says. You tilt your head up and drink it as she tilts the cup toward you. It is warm and enchantingly comforts you as you taste it on your tongue. You feel your strength coming back to you. The woman takes the cup and places it on the counter. "You had a rough fight at the hideout. It will be best to rest a bit. All of the town is eternally grateful for you to return with the Thunder Helm."

You barely hear her words. You can't get the image of Ahgin's face out of your head. The piano echoes in your head, making you nauseous of guilt and tossing emotions.

The Gerudo hands you three bottles of the healing potion. You take them and slide the covers off of you. You look to the side of your bed and see your Demon Carver, Duplex bow and quiver, and your Desert Vai veil. You sit on the side of the bed and see that your shoes have been removed. You push yourself up and stumble slightly. It hurt to put weight on your legs. Your side ached of where you were thrown on the stone in the arena. 

Link gives you his hand and helps you walk over to your stuff. You put on your sand shoes and strapped your weapons on your back. You take the potion bottles and fit them on the belt around your waist. You thank the Gerudo woman and walk out into the bright, afternoon sun. 

You take a moment to walk towards the back of the Gerudo walls. You then see a small armory that must belong to the guards. You walk in and see a beautiful golden bow and a heavy golden claymore. You walk up to the giant sword and pick up the two handed weapon. You admire the design and decide to take it. You strap the giant blade on your back and keep the demon carver with it. You then look at the golden bow.

You draw back the bowstring as hard as you can and you notice that it is a little loose for you. You gaze at the glittering gold grip and replace the Duplex bow with the golden one. You make a last decision to take a Gerudo Shield as well.

"Are you sure we can take these," Link asks as he examines a moonlight scimitar. You nod as you look through the tall Gerudo spears. Link shrugs and takes the sword, along with one of the spears and a radiant shield. You silently thank the guards for supplying you with such weaponry and hope that you are allowed to take them.

You walked into the throne room, where Riju isn't sitting on her throne.

"If you're looking for Lady Riju, she is on the second floor," Buliara says. "Normally people aren't allowed in her sleeping quarters, but she has given you permission it seems. Be on your best manners. If she deems you to be a disturbance to her, it will not end well for you!" she snaps and slams her sword on the ground. You nod and turn around.

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