51: The Duality of Jeon Jungkook

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It's a little confusing, you have to admit.

It's not that you can't understand the appeal of his request; brushing lips against a creation of his own hand that expresses everything he is, ever has been, and ever could be.

It isn't you that he wants to kiss, per say, not in the basest form of his mouth warm on your skin. What he wants is to feel against him everything the ink traced into your skin represents, alone and in conjunction with his own same mark splayed across the dips and hills of his ribs.

Nor are you mystified by his desire by its upfront view. He's attracted to you, and wants to touch you where he's made a permanent mark on your skin. The line of thinking seems to coincide with that of a male animal rubbing their scents onto the animals of their pack.

The thing that confuses you is him.

The way he's looking at you.

His mouth is plush and sweetly pursed, innocently pouted despite the harsh contrast of the black metal rings hooked around. The pink skin is reddened slightly on the bottom from where he's bitten it, but it doesn't take away from the soft, gentle parting of them.

But his eyes...

His eyes are almost obscene, almost lewd in the pure, unadulterated heat that's blazing through them. His thickly-lashed lids are low and heavy, nearly obscuring the fire-hot black behind them that's robbing you of your breath.

The sharp angle of his thick black brows arch above, giving way to the smooth expanse of his forehead, shaded by a brushing of pitch-black fringe.

Jungkook's hovering as close to you as possible, his forehead brushing yours, lips parted as your breaths tangle together.

He's looking down at you like you're the last sip of water in the view of a man slowly drying out in the desert.

Boiling need burns through your skin, the air in your lungs feeling thick and stuck as if the fierce bonfire in your stomach has let its caged smoke drift into them.

It's like the cute curve of his mouth is a poor attempt at concealing the wickedness in his eyes.

Your mind is blown by how he can portray two such different emotions in one facial expression.

Every look is the outright antagonist of the next, his eyes sly but his mouth sweet, his brows angled but the curves of his cheeks full and wholesome. He's multiple different emotional entities packaged into one sexy, sweet, enigmatic package.

"I asked," says Jungkook softly, voice reflecting the mouth but not the eyes. He's restraining himself from letting loose, holding back the lust that's screaming for you through the soul-window of his vision. "We're going slow, and you can say no. I'm trying."

Theres a different speech entirely coming from his black gaze. It's luring you in, tempting you to give in to whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it.

Afraid? he challenges you silently. Of what? You know I'd take care of you.

Your bath towel is still parted over your thigh, the material clenching in your fists as you hold it down tightly to keep the rest of you covered. But, if you're being honest, you only have to hold on tighter so you don't throw the whole dang thing away entirely.

He's too much for you.

"Fine," you say, clearing your throat and keeping your voice casual. "BUT, you have to hand over whatever 'blackmail' you have after this."

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