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The curse of smoke and red embers around the room lift and the corruption fades around the control unit. Link walks up to the stone and scanns the Sheikah Slate at last. It glows a bright blue. You sigh a breath of relief and look at Link. Your eyes both meet and you exchange smiles.

You hear footsteps behind you walking down stairs. You turn around and see Lady Urbosa herself.

"I knew you wouldn't let us down. Thanks to your valor and skill, my soul is free, and Naboris is ours once again. Which means that finally... we can complete what we have started years ago. We Gerudo have no tolerance for unfinished business," she declares and places her hand on her hip. You watch the green flames around her reflect and dance in her eyes.

 "I've waited so long for the moment to see you finally rush Hyrule Castle. As well as for the moment when I incinerate Ganon into a pile of ash." You suddenly feel an emotion of great loss inside of you. You look down, and Urbosa sees right through you.

"(Y/N), there is no need to look so doubtful. I believe you have had this in you from the moment I saw you. Which reminds me, I wanted to give you a little something. Please accept this gift, which has come to be known as Urbosa's Fury. It will no doubt be of use to you." 

She holds out one hand which starts to glow a bright, energetic light. She snaps her fingers and the orb soars towards you, disappearing as it hits your chest.

Crackles of sparks pop around you, your energy reacting to the new power. With a grin, you draw a hand back and swing it forward in a hook, snapping your fingers.

A boom of thunder echoes around the Divine Beast as the fork of lightning summons on your command.

You stare at your hands in awe, feeling a surge of power you never knew.

"You, Link, and the princess... I know you all have suffered much regarding what happened to us champions. But this is how things had to happen," Urbosa says calmly. "No one need carry blame. So please, make it clear so that she understands that... the princess. Tell her to shed any worries. And let her know, I couldn't be more proud of her." 

Dancing lights begin to swirl around you and Link. 

"You two take good care of the princess. Oh, and also... Take good care of each other," she says with a wink. The yellow light glows blindingly and you and Link disappear into nothing but two globes of light, that rises higher and higher.


The two orbs of yellow light fall upon the Gerudo Town's entrance and you and Link appear in a flash. You feel slightly nauseous at the magic taking effect on you. 

You take a deep, refreshing breath to rid the sickness. Link puts his hand on your shoulder. You turn to him and your eyes meet. He smiles softly at you.

"We did it," he says. "Let's meet with Riju and tell her." He begins to walk towards the entrance until you put your arm out to stop him.

"Your clothes," you point out to him. You were already in the Gerudo Vai set. 

"Oh right," he scoffs. "You know, you'd think they'd let me in after we save their town and get back their precious heirloom, but nooo," he says saltily as he roughly puts on his clothes. You helplessly laughed beside him. He did have a point.

"Maybe we can talk to them about it," you suggest as you look off into the horizon.

"Doubt it," Link says.

You wait for him to get changed as you eat a mushroom skewer that carried no effects. You feel your strength come back to you slightly. Link walks up to you at your side and you enter the town together.

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