Chapter: 8

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I see you.

You looked around to see if somebody was there.

There was nobody.. only the owl.

You looked at the owl again, it looked like it was smirking.

You got up and walked around again.

This time you looked not for the exit but you looked at some books.

You saw a book that got you attention.
You tried to grab it but you were too short.

Suddenly you felt a presence behind you.

You looked up and you saw an arm reaching for the book you wanted.

The person grabbed the book and handed it to you.

You accepted it and you looked at this person...

It was Rm.

Rm: what are you doing here?

Y/N: I can ask you the same thing.
Rm: I was just hanging around here reading books, I do that almost all day long.

Y/N: ow okay.

Rm: so what are you doing here?

Y/N: ehh... well I was just walking through the hall.. and V...

Rm: let me guess.. he drank your blood.

Y/N: yeah.. and I couldn't get away until an owl came and thank to that I got away from him, but he was following me so I got inside here to hide, but I got lost.

Rm: I could've expected that, almost everybody gets lost here, Actually the most fast way is flying.

Y/N: is that why that owl was here?

Rm: *laughs nervously* yeah.. about that.. that owl is actually me.

Y/N: ow.. that makes sense.

Rm: wait so you knew that was me?

Y/N: no, I meant.. well before the thing with V, I talked a little with Jin and he told me everybody can transform into an animal here.

Rm: yeah right..

Rm: well.. good luck reading that book.

He transformed into an owl and flew away:

You looked at the book.
It didn't really have a cover it was just a brown book.

 It didn't really have a cover it was just a brown book

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You opened the book..

It was written full of words but you didn't understand them, it was a total other language then you ever saw before.

Y/N: *thinks* yeah.. right, that's what he meant good luck reading.

You laid the book on a table and you looked for a other book.

You found a other book. It looked similar to the book you had before.
But there weren't any words in it.

It was full of drawings.

They were beautiful.

Some looked happy and some looked sad.

You looked through the whole book.
You didn't notice that there was that much time passed.

Someone tapped your shoulder.
You looked to see who it was.

Rm: Jin called us to come and eat.

Y/N: ow okay.

You got up from the chair and you closed the book.

Rm: you like the book?

Y/N: it's not really a book with words but the drawings speak for itself.

You smiled.

Y/N: wait you said that it was almost impossible to get out of here without wings, so how am I gonna get out of here.

Rm: no worries an normal owl  isn't that strong, but a vampire owl is a lot stronger, so I can carry you.

Y/N: isn't that dangero-

You didn't even finished speaking and you were in the air.

You felt two small claws on your shoulders.

It was pretty cool to look at the library from so high up.

You saw the door, Rm flew to it and it was really faster than expected.

When you both landed he immediately changed back to his human form.

Rm: was that your first time flying?

Y/N: y..yeah.

Rm: I noticed that you were shaking a lot when I was flying, so I guessed that was the reason.

He opened the door and you both walked through the hallway to the stairs.

When you got downstairs the rest was already sitting around the table.

You and Rm quietly sat down.

You had a plate in front of you with meat, salad and some other vegetables.

They all started to eat so you did that as well.

It was silent most of the time.

You looked up a few seconds and you noticed V staring at you.

You immediately looked back at your food.

After you were all done eating you walked with J-Hope, wherever he was walking to.

J-Hope: why are you following me? Is someone bothering you?

Y/N: yes..

J-Hope: who is it?

Y/N: ....V..

J-Hope: *sighs* that guy can just never leave someone alone..

J-Hope: but you can't keep following me forever like this ya know, I have to go to the shop with Jin in a few minutes and we can't take you with us.

Y/N: why not?

J-Hope: because reasons, I don't know either but something tells me it's better for you to stay here.

Y/N: ow okay.

J-Hope: you better go to a place where you can spent some time alone.

Y/N: okay.

J-Hope turned around and walked the other away.

You walked back to the library because you just wanted to read some more.

You opened the door and you didn't spot Rm or the owl so you were alone.

You walked through the library just reading the most random books you could find.

You were reading a book while sitting with your back against one of the many bookshelves.

You were so caught up in your book and you didn't notice something laying it's head on your legs.

After you were done reading the book you saw a fox with this head sleeping on your legs.

Y/N: *thinks* hmmm who could this be?

Well? What is your guess..? 😹
Anyway that's all I have to say for today.

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