Aarchan & Zanemau

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I spun the bottle as everyone sat in a circle. It spun around the circle and as it slowly came to a stop I sighed.

Looking at who the bottle was pointing at a smile formed on my face.

"Alright roll the dice, if you get a 1, 3, 5 we decided, 4 you pick from a hat, 6 you decide." Kawaii Chan said rolling the dice to me.

I nodded my head and picked it up.

Aaron, Kawaii Chan, Zane, and I had been invited to a party and now were playing spin the bottle.

I shook the dice in my hands and threw it onto the ground. It rolled on the ground and fell in front of Zane.

"4," Zane called out as he picked up the dice to show me.

A shiver went down my spine thinking about what me and Zane might need to do.

Aaron got up and brought a hat over.

I got up from the ground and reaching my hand into the hat I began to move it around. I grabbed onto a piece of paper and talking one from the hat I took in a deep breath.

I held the paper in my hand and backing away from everyone I opened the paper.

My cheeks turned a rosy red and I looked away. Looking away I held out the paper.

Someone snatched it from my hand and I heard Zane snicker.

"Makeout session, 4 minutes."

I looked back at Zane and he dropped the paper onto the ground. He grabbed onto my hand and guided me over to a closet.

I looked back at Kawaii Chan and Aaron. Both of them seemed to be jealous shrugging my shoulders Zane pushed me inside.

There wasn't much room in the closet and as he closed the door we were cramped together. He pushed me against the wall and our bodies moved together as he tried to change positions.

My back hit the wall and I put my hands on his chest as he moved forward.

He brought his head closer to mine and stared down at my lips. I closed my eyes and Zane chuckled as our lips touched.

I opened my eyes a bit and Zane's eyes were now shut. Closing my eyes again I wrapped my hands around his neck. He moved his hands over to my hips and pulled me into him.

Our lips moved against each other. As it got more intense we dropped down to the ground. Zane got between my legs and pulled out of the kiss. Saliva dripped from my lips as I stared up into his eyes.

"Mm... how tasty. " He mumbled.

I got closer to Zane's face again and he smirked.

"More?" He asked with a devious smile.

I nodded my head up and down quickly and he put a hand on my face.


▪Kawaii Chans POV▪

Me and Aaron both stood at the door listening into their conversation. My face turned red as I could hear the moans and groans from inside.

I nodded my head and walked back over to the game. I looked behind me and Aaron sighed as he walked back as well.

"I guess its just me and you now..." Aaron replied shyly.

I nodded my head and picked up the dice. He stared at the dice and a smirk grew on my face.

"How about it?" I asked holding the dice in my hands.

Aaron chuckled and took the dice.

"Alright, but we gotta spin first." He said pointing at the bottle.

"Whoever it lands on gets to decide our fate." I nodded my head and he placed the dice down.

I spun the bottle and it went around in circles. Every time it passed me I hoped for it to stop. If Zane and Aphmau could have some fun why couldn't I?

The bottle stopped at Aaron and I pouted as he rolled the dice.

It rolled over to me and I smiled as the dice came to a stop.

"6..." I mumbled staring at the dice.

"That means I decide," Aaron said happily.

I pouted and he walked over to me. He took his jacket off and placed it on my head. He got under the jacket as well and placed a kiss on my neck.

"I do what I want." He says chuckling.

He placed a trail of kiss down my neck causing me to purr in pleasure. I melted at his touch. This was so wrong. But it was okay.

Aphmau had taken my boyfriend yet I felt so much more pleasure when Aaron touched me. Although Aaron was Aphs I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

He traced his hands up my body and placed them at my cheek. He bit down onto my neck and I moaned out.

Pulling away he left a mark on my neck. I moved up to his lips and sitting on his lap I began to take control.

Our tongues clashed as we kissed I had pushed him against the ground. The jacket covering us had fallen off and as I felt more pleasure build up in me, I couldn't control myself.

My tail was wagging and as Aaron began to moan from my touch his ears and tail appeared.

I used my hands to touch his tail he began to wag it as well. Stroking his tail he whimpered.


We both stopped what we were doing and I looked up.

Zane and Aphmau had finally come out from the closet. Aphmau could hardly stand as she used Zane to stay on her feet.

I got up off of Aaron embarrassed and he grabbed me well he sat up. I was pulled back into his lap and Zane held Aphmau tight as well.

"You were like animals..." Zane said smirking.

I looked away with a red face and Aphmau giggled.

"Damn KC really taking over aren't ya."

"Sh-shut up.," I said nervously.

I gasped as I felt two hands cupping my breasts. I looked back at Aaron and he grinned.

"I think I'll keep the kitty Zane you can have Aph if you want."


"Yea sure, just make sure to pet her ears when you do it she loves it~," Zane said.

I covered my face with my hands and squealed.

"Don't worry I'll make it feel better than it ever has."

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