The house of danger

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Inside the manor, princess Li watched her husband flirt with another woman. There were plenty of thoughts going on in her mind. None of them were kind.

She knew she's not the fairest of princesses. In fact, she's far from being fair and she's aware of it. How can she compete with a lady from the house of Yi? The delicate and fair ladies from the house of Yi when her husband barely pays attention to her.

Her marriage was based on a political arrangement, not love. She's aware neither her or her husband are in love with each other, but they tolerate one another no less.

The view of him flirting filled her with rage, and she does not like it when she gets angry. No one likes it when the princess is angry, because her anger is a calamity.

The princess's flaring temper is well known in the palace, much like the fiery tempers of every single member of the imperial family.

"Princess." Murmured Yuanji as he spotted the princess standing by the window. Her shoulders stiff and her glare bore menace. He knew the princess had her eyes pressed on his sister ever since they came to the manor.

Much like Jingam who couldn't take his eyes from her, Princess Li couldn't peel away her eyes from He Lian as well. Yuanji knew she's watching He Lian right now because he's aware the first place He Lian will find solace was the lotus garden.

This made Yuanji nervous, he had considered the princess before, but not to this extent. Never had he thought of her rage, her jealousy, the betrayal she's going to feel once he brings He Lian in her home?

"Princess..." He said again, distracting her focus.

Princess Li turned around, her sharp eyes burned, and he saw the rage in them. Yuanji smiled. "Such a lovely morning, don't you think?"

Princess Li cleared the malice from her face, she bore no emotion as she walked toward him. "Take your sister and leave!"

Yuanji lifted his eyebrows. The princess was harsh, her words are strong and she delivered them commandingly. Yuanji was not surprised. He expected a resistance from her even before he brought He Lian to the manor. "You know I can't do that. It's not up to me now. He Lian had been promised to Jingam even before your betrothal."

"And that secret was kept from my family." She hissed. "You have a choice. It's not wise to make a fool of a member of the imperial family. You know what happens to people who cross the imperial family. You don't want to be one of those people." She paused, squaring her shoulders to Yuanji. "Take your sister and leave if you know what's best for you and her."

Yuanji swallowed his breath and pressed his mouth hard, he glanced over the window and saw Jingam and He Lian sitting side by side on the bench together. "I can understand you're upset, but it's not wise to threaten the future lord of the house of Yi either."

Princess Li snorted, "oh please!" She measured him, her eyes glided up and down. "The house of Yi is infamous for their whores and nothing more. They're not a clan of warriors. I can wipe out your lineage in the blink of an eye."

"With all due respect princess, I do not advice hurting my kin. We have alliances with the southern kingdom and warlords from the north. You don't want to start a war over some silly jealousy."

Princess Li's eyes flashed with rage. "Oh, but maybe I do." She snarled. "My brothers haven't tasted blood in a while. I'm sure they're hungry, and what's a better sacrifice to the god of war? A whore and her sly brother."

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