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Chapter 16

- Mia White -

Glancing at the clock, I looked out the window as I patiently waited for Ace to arrive. I was nervous to say the least. Sarah told me that I should see Ace the next time he asks to hang out, and she was right. Besides, although he messed up, I missed him.

My eyes snapped to the familiar car that was now in view. It parked in front of my house, and I smiled when I saw Ace getting out of the car with a single white rose in his hand. Moving away from the window, I walked to the front door just as the doorbell rang. Putting on my shoes, I opened the door and saw Ace's nervous smile.

"Hey," he greeted.

I inwardly chuckled. "Hi."

"This is for you, but you probably already knew that," he said as he gave me the rose.

Saying a quick thank you, I placed the flower in one of the many flower vases provided by Ace before waking out the door. Locking it behind me, we walked towards his car where he opened the passenger's door for me before I could open it myself.

"I assume we're going to the library?" he said once he got in the car.

I raised a brow. "How'd you know?"

"Why else would you be holding so many books? "

Rolling my eyes, Ace started the engine as we were off to the library. Neither of us said a word as he drove us there, and honestly, I'm starting to get used to the awkward silence after having it happen to me several times.

Other than the silence, I'm glad that I didn't say or do anything to ruin this day. Hopefully, it stays that way until I get back home. Once we were at the library, I told Ace to stay in the car while I returned the books, and as I anticipated, he didn't argue.

Entering the building, I placed the books on the front desk where the librarian was. She gave me a warm smile before taking the books and giving them to one of the volunteers to put away. Just I was about to leave, I was surprised to see Ben looking through the history section. Other than reading stories with guns and mystery murders, Ben doesn't read history since school already provided him with that work.

He seemed to focus on trying to find the book he was looking for that he didn't notice me walking towards him until I tapped his shoulder.

"It's unusual seeing you here."

He snorted. "Yeah, no kidding. The only reason I'm here was because Sarah nagged me until I went and got her a story about Columbus. But I can't remember what it's called."

"Do you know the author?"

"Jack something."

Since the library sorted things by name, it was easy to find Jack D. Forbes and get the book I assumed Sarah wanted. "Columbus and other Cannibals?"

"That's it!" Ben exclaimed, earning him a glare from the librarian and a few shushes from the people around us.

"Oops," he chuckled quietly. "Anyways, why would she want this?"

I shrugged. "It's probably for her dad. He's a history teacher."

"Right. Thanks for the help."

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