5: Everyone Sees Something Different

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Avery's view

That night I couldn't think about anything other than Ezra. She has this enchanting aura around her, it draws me in. Not just because she's beautiful and mysterious, but because I think there is something she isn't showing everyone.

Ever since freshman year, she has always been cool and collected, I don't know if I have ever seen her show any sadness or worry or fear. I don't even really think I have ever seen her be really happy.

There has to be something more to her than meets the eye, but I doubt I'm ever going to be the one to figure her out.

Yet, I really want to know more about her. I want to know her hopes, dreams and what she loves.

I want to see her open up and feel like she doesn't always have to be on guard.

I don't know what it is about her that drives me crazy.

Maybe it's the intense stare she does when she's trying to figure something out, it leaves me breathless when she narrows her eyebrows and her blue eyes seem to turn a darker shade.

Or maybe it's when she teases you and she has this sexy smirk that makes me think she knows what is going on in my head.

Or when she gives you her infamous half smile, you feel like the most important person in the world. And her dimples are so cute.

And the way she dress is so edgy and unique. She never wears shorts or skirts. I think I've only ever seen her wear a dress once, and it looked amazing on her. She likes wearing a denim or leather jacket, that's her signature thing.

Wow, I've never noticed how much I've payed attention to when it comes to her.

I guess I've always found her admiring, she's always been one to fight for injustice in school.

I remember one time where she got suspended for punching a girl who bullied a younger girl for months. Ezra is known for doing those kinds of things. No one messes with her.

I think the reason why I like Ezra so much compared to everyone else is because she doesn't try to be perfect, she knows that she's flawed, but she doesn't let that stop her from doing what she wants.

Unlike me, I have too many insecurities.

I'm too shy. I'm a know it all. I'm awkward. I'm dorky. I'm scared of everything. I'm not pretty enough. I don't dress good enough. I'm not like Ezra.


Ezra's view

For some stupid reason, I can't stop thinking about Avery. And I hate it.

I shouldn't be so hung up over a girl I have no chance with.

This girl, she deserves the world. She deserves better than anyone at school. And I'm ready to knock out anyone who disrespects her.

She's just too good for this place. Not the innocent too good, I mean she's just better than other people.

I'm saying this from years of experience knowing her. We've gone to the same high school for four years, of course I've noticed her.

I admire how intelligent she is. And she doesn't brag like other kids, she's humble.

And I like that she's not an attention seeker, she likes being quiet and in the back. She would rather the spotlight be on something important than on herself.

She's also such an awkward person, but I like it. She tells you the truth, she doesn't sugar coat anything or try to deceive you. She knows she is shitty at lying so she avoids lying to you.

And one of the best things about her is how dorky she can be at times. I find it charming, it always keeps me interested.

There's so much to her and sometimes I think she makes herself feel so small. I wish I could help her. I wish I could help her feel so much more important than what she thinks she is.

Damn, see what I mean, she makes me crazy.

She's beautiful. I love seeing her hazel eyes, they are full of light.

I wish I had hair like hers. She's got brown auburn wavy hair, and all I have is straight dark brown hair. I wish I could run my hand through her hair and hold her tightly.

....wait a second. Did I just think about hugging her like that?

Oh no, I really need to stop this.


author note: I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far!

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