Chapter 32

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~Picture above: Summer (again) :D)~

Her lips press on my collarbone; soft and gentle. The gaze I receive, however, seems anything but that.

"W-Why are you drunk at 7:00?"

"I'm not that drunk," she assures.

"...But why?"

She looks up at me, eyes dark. I squirm, my back against the wall.

"I don't know— why does every single girl you meet fall in love with you?" Her voice is too quiet.

Too quiet for the Luna I know.

"Luna. Look at me." I try to steady her head.

Luna casts her eyes downward, her face painfully neutral.

"Luna." I tilt her jaw with my hand and twist my head so our eyes connect. Her breath hitches.

"I'm in love with you, Luna. Just you."

I stare into her blue eyes, serious as I possibly could be.

She takes my hand in hers. "...Then stay with me."

I lick my lips. "W-What do you mean?"

"I want to be together with you. Life without you here would be..."

Tears sparkle in her eyes.

"When you left with that short girl, you looked into her eyes like I didn't exist. That worries me."

"Luna, I like her, but not like that. Not like you."

I kiss Luna on the cheek lightly, her teary eyes widening in surprise.

Then she pauses.

"I saw you kiss her on the cheek today, too. I'm not special." She pouts childishly and crosses her arms.

"Y-You were watching us? What's wrong with a kiss on the cheek, anyway?"

She casts her sparkling eyes down on me, conflicted emotions swirling within them.

My heart hurts a little, seeing her face so serious.

I lean towards her.

"I'll give you what I haven't given anyone else!" I blurt, face reddening.

Her teary eyes widen in surprise.

"Well, that was... comedy gold." She lets out a small, drunken laugh, and then silence.

She takes my hands off of my face and presses her mouth against mine.

The heat in her lips melts into mine like scarlet fever. Already breathless, I slide down the wall. Her cool hand slinks around my waist and pulls my torso to her.

She kneels in front of me, placing small kisses on my collarbone again.

What kind of drink did she have? It tastes very sweet.

I notice that Luna's dress has risen up, exposing the side of her black lacy underwear.

Her thighs look so... damn...

My hand runs up her warm thigh, until my fingers skim lace.

She places her hand on top of mine, face colored. "W-Wait..."

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