chapter twenty four

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note: this chapter might be triggering
lmfao yall hate hyukbin wtf #pleasegivehimsomelove
anygays, let's start


Thursday 1:47pm

hoseok: so what's with the sudden hit up? usually i do that but i guess the tables have turned

you: yes indeed

you: well, i have this one thing i need help with

hoseok: go on

you: it's about a boy

hoseok: a male

you: i think i like him but i don't

hoseok: who is this boy?

you: guess

hoseok: what if i get it wrong

you: okay i'll count to 3 and then we'll say who it might be

you: 1

you: 2

you: 3

hoseok: me

you: hyukbin

you: what

hoseok: what

you: oh um

you: well this took a turn

hoseok: i like you

you: as a friend?

hoseok: as a girl

you: oh

you: i don't know what to say

hoseok: why can't you just leave him|

hoseok: why can't you ju|

hoseok: why can'|

hoseok: haha it's okay if you don't like me, but i just thought i needed to let you know since it's been awhile since we started talking

you: thank you for telling me

you: ohman im so awkward

you: im so sorry

you: im sorry

you: i don't have a meme to enlighten the mood



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