10: Sleep Over

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Avery's view

Ezra had to sleep in my bed. There was no other option. I mean, she could sleep on the ground, but I feel bad making her do that. I could also let her sleep on the couch downstairs, but she would probably wake up with back pain.

So, I guess my bed it is. When I asked she seemed a bit surprised, then immediately said yes after. She probably thinks we might do something else, but nope. I won't let that happen.

Sure, being with Ezra makes me feel more confident and daring, but not enough to actually do anything with her.

I grab some clothes and head into my bathroom to change into a long shirt and short shorts, when I come back into my room my jaw drops. Ezra is standing in my room in just her lacy underwear and bra. She is smirking at me the whole time as I quickly look away and try to stop blushing.

"What's wrong Avery? Like my night outfit? This is how I like sleeping," she teases.

There is no way I can sleep next to this gorgeous woman. She is so beautiful. She is fit and has a peacock feather tattoo on her upper thigh that makes her so hot. How am I supposed to sleep next to her?

I have to ask about her tattoo later.

Wait a minute. What if I give her a long shirt? That might work?

I quickly look through my drawer and find one, without looking, I hand it to her.

"Do you want me to put this on? Does my body really bother you this much, Avery?" she teases.

"Of course not," I say, still not looking at her.

She sighs and grabs the shirt from me, and pulls me close to her before I let go. "If this helps you sleep, then I'll wear it. Just for tonight,' she whispers in my ear.

I'm growing tired of this game she is playing with me, so in finally say, "You need to stop this."

"Stop what, love," she says innocently.

"Stop flirting with me," I say.

"Make me," she teases as she lightly kisses my cheek and walk away. She makes sure to sway her hips as she walks every step just to torture me.

She quickly put on the shirt and gets in my bed.

"God, you are such a pain in the ass sometimes," I say as I turn off the lights and lay in bed and pull the covers up on both of us.

"I know, but you love it," she whispers.

"Sure," I reply sarcastically.

"Night," she says facing me.

I sigh and turn to face the other direction, 'Goodnight, Ezra. Don't let the bedbugs bite."

Ezra chuckles, "You're adorable," she says scooting a little bit closer to me. I stay silent and soon I hear her breathing soften. She's asleep. Lucky her.

I can't sleep now. I'm right next to a beautiful girl. How can I go to sleep?

I stay awake for hours just looking at the clock, and just as I get tired enough to close my eyes, I feel Ezra stir in her sleep. She softly reaches over for me and when she finds me, she lays an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to her. When I'm securely in her grasp, she calms down again and breathing slows.

She's touching me! She's big spooning me! Oh my fucking god! What the fuck!

Great, now I'm wide awake again and my heart is pounding. How does she not notice how fast my heart is beating?

I love her holding me so tightly, but I'm also terrified. What the fuck does this mean? Why am I going crazy over this girl?

Over time, my heart beat slows and I begin to calm down in her embrace. She feels so soft and smells like lavender. I slowly start to close my eyes and I snuggle closer to her. And before I know it, I'm fast asleep.


Ezra's view

I slowly open my eyes as I hear my phone alarm go off. It beeps a few times and goes silent. I try to move, but my arms and legs are tangled with someone else. I look down and see my arms around Avery. She is fast asleep and holding on to my waist. She looks so cute sleeping.

I carefully brush away some hair that is in her face and she lightly stirs. I decide to spend a few more minutes in bed with her before leaving.

Avery looks like she has all the calm in the world as she sleeps. She looks more relaxed and at peace then when she is awake. I lightly trace my finger along her arms and back and she shivers as my finger touches her bare skin.

I look over at my phone and notice I should get going. I sigh and kiss Avery's head as I slowly move her off of me. I get out of bed and pull the covers up over her.

I look around the room and see a notebook. I pull out a piece of paper and write on it and leave it on the pillow next to her.

I quickly pull on my pants and grab my shirt, but decide to keep on the one Avery gave me. I grab my jacket and bag and head out of her room. I go downstairs and no one is there, her parents are probably still asleep. I quietly exit the house and get into my car to head to work.

This is the first time in a long time that I actually feel refreshed. I didn't have a single nightmare or panic attack while I sleep with Avery. There is just something about her that makes me feel so safe and calm.


author note: Who else is slightly in love with Ezra's character? 

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