The Wave

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The first cell was born in The Ocean, but many seem to have forgotten. The Ocean was home to all primitive life, protecting them from The Sun's unfiltered rays.

Science asserts that some creatures living in The Ocean decided to hit the road and find a better home. For millions of years they worked on evolving into organisms that could survive above water. It wasn't easy. Many died on the way, hungry and in pain. But they were finally remunerated for their efforts; dry life is now a reality. But not for long, for humans came along the way.

The Ocean is never at rest. Whether contemplating it from the safe land or traveling through it, everyone deems to see its ferocity building a thirty-meters-tall crest where no human has ever been.

Many fear The Ocean because it holds mysteries in its deepest side, because it's so dark and infinite that no one knows what they will encounter as they dip themselves in it.

The Wind does not fear, it runs on The Ocean's exposed surface at about 50 kilometers per hour, tearing it apart over and over again, but The Ocean continues to show its skin and resists. The Wind continues to disturb The Ocean, who responds by arrogating the power it generates, and almost pairs up to the speed of its foe.

Nevertheless, the crest often breaks a few minutes later and returns to where it was born. But The Ocean does not admit defeat. It powers itself from the disgrace it has not yet gotten over, and creates one more crest, this time closer to the turtle nest.

And there, at the horizon, where the first crest was seen, The Sun hides and takes all intruders out of the way. Sea creatures and surfers go to dream of a world without humans as the sky darkens.

Every night, The Moon decides to bail out; it starves the werewolves that do not exist to satiate The Ocean's thirst for power. Its natural force pulls on the water molecules upwards until new and frighteningly tall crests are formed, powerful enough to cross the sea.

And finally, after millions of waves were assembled and collapsed, after thousands of kilometers were traveled in the dark, finally, The Wave has been created.

The Ocean is exhausted, and pushes The Wave as far as it can, wetting the sand that children will later build castles with, full of more joy than the home of any king. The Wave does not reach the nest, but lands close enough to welcome the hatchling into their new home.

But The Wave cannot discern from garbage and fauna, and brings along forks and bottles, and straws and bags, disposed by those who do not flinch when wiping out life above water, and who now wipe out life in it.

And no man seems to notice they are losing what they now take for granted, but they one day will.

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