Chapter: 10

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Y/N: j..Jimin?

He didn't say anything he just smirked.

He was holding your wrists tightly.

Y/N: let go of me!

You tried to break free from his grip, but he only tightened his grip more.

He let go of one of your wrists but somehow you couldn't move it.

He removed your hair away from your neck.

Y/N: Don't!!

You tried to move but you couldn't.

Y/N: *think* dammit why can't I move?!

Jimin: hehe you have a problem moving?

He smirked.

He then got closer to your neck. You could feel his lips on your skin.

It's sended shivers down your spine.

You felt his fangs go deep into your skin.

You still wanted to move but you couldn't.

Jimin chuckled.

Jimin: your probably thinking, why can't I move? Am I right?

Y/N: ...... yes..

Jimin chuckled again.

He stopped drinking your blood and stroke your head with his hand.

Jimin: your really cute ya know.

He came closer to your face.

He was a little too close.

Jimin: it's a shame you'l be dead soon.

Your eyes widened.

He reached with his hand for your throat.

He grabbed it and squeezed it tightly.
You didn't get any air and you couldn't struggle because you still weren't able to move.

Jimin was chuckling.

You were almost out of air when suddenly...

???: Jimin... that's enough, let her go.

Jimin: *sighs* fine, ur such a party pooper. (Don't mind me I use that word in real life a lot😹 )

He let go of you and you fell to the ground. You coughed. You still couldn't move, you only saw the floor and shadows.

One of the shadows got out of your sight and an other came closer to you.

It touched your shoulder and you moved a little.

???: it's okay, you can move now.

You slowly tried to push yourself up.
You were now sitting on your knees.

You looked up to see who helped you.

You looked up to see who helped you

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He smiled at you.

Jin: are you alright?
Y/N: y..yeah I'm fine, just a l..little out of air.

You laughed weakly.

Jin: you should get some rest.. I'l bring your dinner to your room.

Y/N: no that won't be necessary.. I can just eat with you al-

Jin: no... we.. erh.. are going out for dinner and it's cold outside.. so you could catch a cold maybe..

Y/N: I don't get sick that fast.

You laughed a little.

Y/N: but I understand if you all don't want me to be with you, i'l go to my room now then.

You got up from the floor and you walked away.
You could feel Jin staring at you.

Once you were by your room and closed the door behind you you sighed.

You leaned with your back against the door.

There was already standing a tray of food in your room.

Y/N: *sighs* *whispers* thank you.. Jin.
Haha I'm still alive (*^o^*)
Okay maybe it wasn't that long but nvm.

But the question is.. what are they going to do? Just eat or something else?

Let's see what y'all guess this time.

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