14: Reward?

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Avery's view

I wake up to my mom gently shaking my arm.

"Hey, mom," I say.

"Hey, sweetie, your dad and I arrived home from work. How are you feeling?" she asks.

"I'm good I say," smiling at her then widening my eyes as I remember Ezra.

"Wait, where's Ezra? Or did I sickly hallucinate her coming here, or did I dream it? It was a good dream, if that's what it was," I mumble out.

My mom laughs and points beside me, "Ezra is next to you. She's sleeping. Ally called and told me she would be coming over."

"Oh, she really came," I say smiling at Ezra as she peacefully sleeps.

"You know, I approve of her," my mom comments.

"What?" I ask looking at her in shock.

My mom smiles and explains, "Any girl that comes to check up my daughter and stays to look after her is a good one. You two look good together."

"I have no idea what you are implying, but nothing is going on between us," I blurt out.

My mom laughs, "Avery, its okay. It's okay to admit you have feeling s for her. Anyone can see it."

"Oh my god, are you giving my relationship advise?" I whine in embarrassment.

"Well someone has to. Plus I ship you guys," she says chuckling.

"MOM," I whine, "please stop," I add laughing with her.

"What? I may be old but I know what you kids are saying these days," she replies.

My mom smiles at me and adds, "Hey, your father and I are making food. Come down in a bit, okay. And invite Ezra."

My mom walks out of the room and I turn to face Ezra, I can't help but reach over to caress her cheek. She looks so cute when sleepy, she would probably fight me on that, but I don't care.

I pull my hand back and jump when I hear Ezra say, "Hey, did I ask you to stop touching me."

I roll my eyes and push her farther away from me, prompting her to grab my arms. She pulls me closer to her and wraps her arms around me. We are face to face, but good think she still has her eyes close or she would have made fun of me for blushing so hard.

"How are you feeling?" she asks.

"Better now," I reply smiling at her.

"Why? Because I'm here with you?" she teases.

"No, because of the medicine, but without you I probably wouldn't have gotten up to get the medicine, so thank you," I tell her.

Ezra finally opens her eyes and I am completely mesmerized. We stare at each other for a few seconds before she speaks up.

"So, do I get a reward for all my hard work?" she says seductively.

"Hard work? You hardly did anything," I tease.

"Hey, getting up from this comfy bed to give medicine was so hard," she replies smirking.

"You're a force to be reckon with, Ezra," I answer rolling my eyes at her.

"I know, so do I get my reward?" she asks with pleading eyes.

"Fine, fine. What do you want?" I ask her.

"You know what I want," she says staring at my lips.

My heart starts pounding like crazy all of a sudden and my breath hitches as I try to comprehend what she just said.

Ezra leans closer and puts her hand below my jawline and lightly caresses my skin with her thumb. She leans even closer and all I have to do is lean forward to kiss her.

Ezra closes her eyes and I panic. Are we really going to kiss?

Wait a second! I'm sick!

I widen my eyes and quickly put my finger between our lips. Ezra opens her eyes in shock and looks at me weirdly.

I pull back and blurt out, "I'm sick. I don't want to get you sick, because then you would have to miss work and maybe school next week and I don't want that to happen."

Then Ezra widens her eyes in shock and sits up immediately, "Shit! I forgot about work!"

I glance over at my clock and see that it's almost seven p.m. Ezra was supposed to be at work about four hours ago.

"How did you forget about work?" I ask in disbelief.

"Something distracted me," Ezra says rolling her eyes at me.

"Had to be a really good distraction then because you could get fired Ezra," I say.

Ezra sighs then looks over at me intensely, "You're more important to me than work."

I'm speechless. How am I supposed to respond to that? I can't even comprehend what she just said to me? Am I really that important?

"You're important to me too Ezra, that's why I'm worried. You said you needed the money, what happens if you get fired?" I ask her.

"I don't know," Ezra says looking down at her hands.

I scoot over to her and grab her hand; I intertwine our fingers like she always does. "Hey, no matter what I'll always be here."

"Even if I get fired and become poor?" Ezra jokes.

I smile and say, "Yes, of course."

"How about if I flunk chemistry?" she continues.

I roll my eyes, "First of all you are not going to flunk chemistry and second of all, I still wouldn't leave you. Remember what I told you that first day I tutored you?"

"I suck at chemistry?" she teases.

I scoff and shake my head, "I told you I would never give up on you. I'm keeping my promise Ezra. And I'm adding another promise now."

"What are you promising now?" she asks.

I lift my pinkie finger and point it to her; she rolls her eyes at me and lifts her pinkie, "I promise I won't leave you."

I intertwine our pinkies and smile at her. She gives me a beautiful big smile and my heart melts. It's so cute!

"Girls, Dinner is ready!" my dad yells from downstairs.

"You hungry?" I ask.

"Of course, I'm starving," Ezra says. We get up and head downstairs with our stomachs growling in anticipation.

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