Chapter 31

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Ivy: Normal

Liam: Bold

Liams P.O.V

Last night I royally screwed my relationship up with Ivy. I was such an idiot. I can't believe I forgot to give her a call. 

That night I found out my mum was sick, and it's not looking good. I just wanted to escape from reality for just one second so I called my best friend to help me get so drunk I'd forget my own name.

So drunk my stupid-ass forgot the most inspiring, beautiful, and funny girl in the world. 


Call after call she ignores me, she thinks that I think she's a monster which is definitely not true. Truth is I think she's an angel, a beautiful angel with a heart of gold. 

An angel who really needs to pick up the bloody phone. Last night I had this whole romantic evening planned. We were going to eat ice-cream as we walked along the beach, talked about life and then I was going to ask her if maybe she wanted to take our friendship to something more than just friends. Now it's going to take a miracle for her to even answer the phone let alone open her heart to someone who stood her up. 


This is going to need some grand-movie-gesture type of apology. Lucky for me I know where she works. 

I got dressed, collected my guitar then got into my car and drove to the nearest shopping mall. First I brought the biggest bouquet of flowers I could find then I brought her favourite chocolates. I drove to Ivy's work but unfortunately she wasn't working. 

So, I drove again the next day but no luck. Every day for the entire week I drove to Ivys work, but she was never there. The flowers started dying and my hope was starting to dwindle. I had also tried calling and texting but there was no luck. It was hard to get her to forgive me when I didn't want to tell her why I stood her up in the first place over text message. I wanted to tell her something like that in person.  

Two weeks exactly after Ivy stopped talking to me I finally caught her at work. She looked so beautiful I wanted to punch myself in the face for hurting her feelings. I collected my guitar and took a deep breathe before entering the building. 

"Hey, welcome to - Liam." Ivy turned and when she saw me her face turned blank. "What are you doing here?" 

"I wanted to explain and uh, win you over with this romantically cute gesture." I started, "I got you your favourite chocolates and some flowers but unfortunately they died. But I also wrote you this song."

"Liam, please just-" I interrupted. 

"No. Please, let me do this." Ivy stayed quite, allowing me to continue. 

I took a deep breathe and started playing. I hope she remembered that one time I told her I had only had ten guitar lessons and wasn't the greatest singer but it's the thought that counts, right? 

"Oh Ivy, you're so spicy.

Oh so, shiny. 

Really lively. 

So likely to steal my heart. 

I'm an idiot and I'm so sorry. 

Please let me explain, please let me apologise.

Because I really like you

I want you to know that I think you have a heart of gold. 

I think your smile is oh so bright. 

Your personality oh so beautiful. 

I want you to forgive me because I really like youuuu." 

I stopped singing and I could tell if Ivy wasn't so mad at me she would've laughed at my atrocious singing and the fact that 25 people in the store are staring at me and laughing. 

I looked around the store before focusing my pleading eyes on Ivy. 

She sighed before saying, "Okay. Lets talk."

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