15: Peacock Tattoo

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Avery's view

Ezra and I sit down at the table as my mom hands my dad plates to give to us. We are having salmon and salad and before I take I bite I glance at Ezra.

"You're not allergic to any fish are you?" I ask.

Ezra chuckles and says no and takes a bite of the salmon, she moans and says, "Mrs. Daniels this is delicious."

I'm speechless by her seductive moan she just gave. Holy shit, how a moan can be so hot! Ezra glances at me and winks before taking another bite.

I snap out of it and start eating my food.

"So, how's school going, girls? Is the tutoring going good?" asks my mom.

"School is going way better for me now that I have an awesome tutor," Ezra says elbowing me lightly.

"Your daughter is very smart," Ezra adds making my parents smile.

"Well, I'm glad you two met each other. It's so nice to know another friend of Avery's," says my dad, making my mom snicker. She hasn't told my dad about the talk we had earlier yet I guess.

"Yeah, I much prefer you over that other girl who hurt my poor Avery," comments my mom. Oh no. I shake my head at my mom to make her stop talking, but I can tell it's too late already. Ezra is interested in who my mom is referring to.

"Who hurt Avery?" asks Ezra defensively.

"She who shall not be named," my dad jokes, but he stops laughing as he notices that Ezra has no idea what he is talking about.

"Oh, Avery hasn't mentioned it I guess. We are referring to her ex-girlfriend. I never liked that girl," he explains.

"Oh, Avery had an ex-girlfriend, that's news to me," Ezra says glancing at me. I shrug and quietly go back to eating.

"What was she like?" Ezra adds.

"You wouldn't have liked her. She's wasn't the friendly type. Always making my poor daughter feel bad. I'm glad you left her, Avery," my dad says.

I desperately want to change the topic. Who wants to talk about their ex-girlfriend around the girl who they are currently crushing on? "So, Ezra, what's your favorite memory?" I blurt out.

"Oh, that's a good question, please tell us Ezra," my mom says.

Ezra gives me a look implying we aren't down talking about my ex-girlfriend later, but faces my mom and begins talking about a memory.

"Um, when I was younger. Around the age of nine or ten, my mom and dad took me to a zoo one day," Ezra starts smiling adorably as she continues talking, "We spent all day going around and around that zoo. My parents begged me to take a break, but I wouldn't let us rest a second, I had to see every animal in that huge zoo. Especially since my dad made me a promise when we first entered the zoo. He said that at the end of the day we would pass by the souvenir shop on our way out so he could buy me a stuffed toy of my favorite animal. So, that's why I had to go around the entire zoo, making sure that I knew exactly what animal I wanted."

"What animal was your favorite?" my dad asked in anticipation.

"A peacock. I just thought that it was the most magnificent creature as a young child. I loved the colors on its feathers and I was even able to feed one. So, that's why I made my dad buy me a stuffed peacock. It was my favorite toy," Ezra says.

"Is that why you have a peacock tattoo on your leg?" I ask in curiosity.

Ezra gives me a half smile, "So, you noticed it?"

"Of course, it's a beautiful tattoo," I comment.

"Thanks. So, yeah, that's why I got that tattoo, to always remind me of how happy I was that day," Ezra finishes.

"That's a lovely story, Ezra," my mom says.

"Normally I would be against tattoos at such a young age, but yours has such meaning," my dad comments.

"Wait, so does that mean I can get a tattoo if it has a lot of meaning?" I ask.

"Nope, not until you get older and just a small one," my mom says laughing.

"Darn," I say laughing along with my parents.

I glance over at Ezra and see her smiling at us. Under the table I slightly graze my fingers against hers and she looks at me intensely before intertwining our fingers together.

After we finish eating, I help my mom put the dishes in the sink and then I head upstairs with Ezra.

"You have a lot to catch me up on," she says as we head to my room.

I groan in annoyance, "Fine, but I get to see your tattoo."

Ezra smirks at me, "Are you trying to get me to take my clothes of?"

I widen my eyes in shock, "Oh god no, that's not what I meant. I just wanted to see your tattoo up close now that I know the backstory."

Ezra chuckles, "I'm just teasing you, love. Plus, I would get naked if you just asked," she adds winking at me as she goes into my room first.

I wait outside a second to calm down so that I don't look so red, then I head in.

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