17: Surprise Surprise

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Ezra's view

Thankfully my boss at work is dull and he believed my lie about being super sick and passing and not being able to call to work. He let me of the hook so there was no problem.

Unfortunately I spent the rest of the weekend working and I couldn't go visit Avery. We texted and she said she was feeling better, but I was still bummed that I didn't get to hang out more with her. I just don't really feel content unless I have her by my side.

In these past few weeks, Avery has become a part of my life. I can't imagine not having her in my life anymore. She is just too important to me now.

Thank god it's Monday, so I get to see her in class today. I stressfully sit in my first little class waiting in anticipation to see her beautiful smile. Finally the bell to my last class ends and I sprint to Chemistry.

Right as I enter the door I scan the room for her. I see her in her usual seat talking with Ally, she spots me and smiles.

Fuck, her smile! It's so precious. It warms my heart.

I smile back and make my way over to her.

"Glad to see you're healthy now," I say to Avery.

"I know, I'm so glad I'm better now. No more sneezing," she replies smiling widely at me.

"Why do you two look so happy? Did I miss something?" Ally suspects.

When neither of us says anything Ally starts smirking, "Hm, looks like something is going on between you two."

"I would like to say that, but Avery is a bit shy when it comes to our chemistry," I reply smirking as well.

Ally and I witness Avery turn red and flustered as she tries to figure out what to say. The teachers save her as she begins class and Avery tell us to pay attention to the Lecture.

But, I like playing around with her, so every so often in class I turn to her and either wink or blow her a kiss. I have never seen a person blush so many times in a time span of an hour. It's hilarious and incredibly adorable.

At the end of class I wait around as Ally and Avery pack up. I've decided I want to spent my lunch with Avery, I just can't bear to stay away from her right now. It's taking all my willpower not to grab her and kiss the heck out of her.

Together the three of us begin to walk out of class, but I get bumped by Sir Douche bag.

"Watch where you're going dyke," Francis says. Ugh not this asshole again, I hate him. He always likes to pick on Avery in class and I'm getting tired of him.

"You're the one who bumped into me. Go get your eyes checked, asshole," I reply walking forward.

"You're such a bitch," he replies.

"And you're a bastard idiot, we're even now," I retort.

"I can't believe you talk to me like that you little whore," he says angrily.

"Don't ever call her that," Avery yells surprising everyone.

"Oh, now you need your nerdy girlfriend fighting your battles, wow," Francis says to me.

"Francis, shut the fuck up before I send you to the nurse," I growl.

"As if you could hurt me. Go back to your trailer park of a home and continue fucking old dudes for money, you fucking whore," Francis spits out at me.

Just before I am about to punch him, Avery dashes to him and socks him in the eye. Ally and I stare at Avery in shock as Francis tumbles down trying to figure out what just happened.

"Did you just hit me, Avery?" Francis whines out touching his eye.

"Holy shit. I'm sorry," Avery says panicking.

"I mean, I'm not sorry. That's what you get for saying all those horrible things to Ezra. Next time leave us the fuck alone, Francis," Avery yells out him.

For a second everyone is stunned and unable to say anything. Then we hear people walking towards our direction, so I yell run.

Ally and Francis run the opposite direction as Avery and I. I had to grab her hand and pull her with me as she is still stunned about her own outburst.

We finally stop running as we make it out of school. We both sit down on the grass panting as we try to catch our breaths.

"That was badass, Avery," I tell her.

"No it wasn't! I just punched a dude! Oh my god, am I going to get in trouble?" she asks terrified.

I chuckle and scoot closer to her so I can hug her, "You're not going to be in trouble Francis isn't going to say anything, if he did then he would get in trouble for the way he talked to us. So, you're in the clear."

"Oh, thank god," she says pulling back and lying down on the grass.

I lie on the grass too and face her. "You cursed twice, you know," I comment.

She sits up in shock, "Oh my god."

"It was really hot," I add smirking at her.

"Of course you would think that," she says.

"Well duh, I think you are breathtaking," I blurt out.

Avery turns to me and her expression softens, "You really think that?"

"Of course I do," I say leaning closer to her.

"How about I give you your reward for defending me," I say leaning a little closer so our noses are touching.

"What's the reward?" Avery asks gazing at my lips.

"Kiss me," I whisper softly.

Avery hesitates for a second, but then suddenly leans in and kisses me. I wrap my arms around her neck bringing her closer to me. We take a quick breather and she comments, "Can I have another reward?"

I smirk at her and crash my lips against her with all the passion I have in me. I feel the happiest that I have ever felt in my entire life right in this moment.

Then the next second it's ruined by the bell ringing. Avery pull back in shock, "um, we should go," she says getting up and walking back to school.

I stay seated on the grass confused as fuck. What just happened? Why is she walking away?


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